Supermarket offering free home delivery

Coles Online is offering free home delivery for the rest of the month to thank customers for a massive 30 per cent increase in sales over the last financial year.

Coles Online customers who spend more than $100 in one transaction and place their order by 30 September can have their groceries delivered straight to their door or kitchen bench without having to pay a delivery fee.

Customers who choose to receive their groceries through Click&Collect will also be able to save $10 off their groceries if they spend $150 or more and place their order by 10 October 2019.

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Do you have your groceries delivered? Have you ever tried this service? Would you try it now that it is free?



I do.....I love online shopping and having my orders delivered by pleasant,friendly drivers , it saves the hastle of trailing through miles of never ending aisles full of stuff I buy and do not need, , avoiding throngs of irritable people waiting in line at the checkouts, and no carting of heavy groceries to the hot car every week..instead I can sit with a cuppa in my comfy recliner in my airconditioning watching Netflix, and wait for my dog to bark announcing my delivery van has arrived, and boy do I save money.



Me too. We get free delivery if buy $150 or $200 etc on certain days anyway. I got free delivery for years as use Coles Credit Card - but changed over for Financials to Citbnak - not my favourites as rip you off on exit fees and much else - so no free automatic any longer. 

Woolworths who have recently started home delivery in our area - free for any amount. 

And of course they also stock different items - as do IGA who dont deliver but I go there now and then to get what none of the big boys stock. And keep them going like many others, who do the same. Competition is to our benefit. 

I also have had a lot of Flybuy dollars to spend over the years fm having Coles Credit Card - its the best loyalty program IMHO. Can only spend them in their stores but thats no hardship as shop here anyway. KMart, Target Coles for groceries - dont have a Liquorland but dont drink either of us anyway. 


Great but Coles does not deliver to my address, Woolworths does though, so I use them sometimes.

Don't ever spend $100 in one go.  Can walk to Coles only a 9 min walk and use wheeled trolly. Kill two birds with one stone get exercise and shop.  Prefer to go every two days.


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