Super fund of the year announced

SuperRatings and Lonsec have announced the winners of this year’s Fund of the Year Awards, which was held virtually for the first time in the event's 18-year history.

The Fund of the Year Award went to QSuper, which also took home the Pension of the Year Award and the Smooth Ride Award. UniSuper claimed the MySuper of the Year Award, and Sunsuper clinched the MyChoice Super of the Year Award.

“It’s important to recognise the significant work that all funds have done to support their members through a very challenging year,” said SuperRatings executive director Kirby Rappell.

“In a highly competitive field, we decided that QSuper was the fund that performed most strongly across the key criteria of investment performance, fees, member services, financial advice and insurance, and fund governance.

“Congratulations to the team at QSuper on a fantastic effort. It was a strong field this year and we note the high calibre of all award winners, with the quality of their offerings shining through the pandemic.

“A lot has changed in super, and there are even more changes to come. We should always be focused on improvement, but we shouldn’t lose sight of the incredible outcomes being produced by a large number of funds, both for their members and the retirement system as a whole. Despite the uncertainty, there is every reason to be positive about super.”

Did your super fund win any awards this year? Would you change to an award-winning fund?


In regard to changing to QSuper.  The article is lacking some important info.

I would be interested to know what is QSuper's performance historically. Say 2, 5, 10 years and net after fees ??

Thank God for the Industry Fund super system a great move by the Union Movement.We tried the bank based system and were really ripped off , never again.I am surprised the so called big end of town has not tried to take over the Industry Funds berhaps Morrison is not game.


Your right,  Many times those on the LNP side have tried by various devious means to undermine the industry super funds but all to no avail.  The returns usually well exceed the bank and retail funds. The fact they were initially set up by unions in conjunction with employers has little relevance these days.  The LNP side is just trying to look after their bank and retail funds mates like AMP.  The royal commission exposed that despite the commission being opposed by LNP..


Come now johnp, you are uncharitable  to the LNP. The LNP did not oppose the banking Royal Commission once the banks et al told them to go ahead.  Just because the LNP opposed a banking RC 26 times does not mean they actually opposed it, they just had not been given permission from the banks to do it. When the banks forsaw, incorrectly, that Labor was likely to win the 2019 election, they decided it was better to have the Banking Royal Commission under the LNP than Labor. The rest is history.


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