stye - eye infection

How annoying! I woke up to a lower eyelid stye, it was red and swollen but not painful.

Any safe and reliable home treatments please? Lockdown in NSW is not the best time for this.



Your chemist should be able to supply you with some Chlorsig drops either in person or by phone if you describe your symptoms to them

Hi Suze, thanks for prompt response read earlier; went straight to chemist. Got the goods: Chlorsig eye drops! Already having the relief. Thanks again!

Suze, I agree with you Chlorsig drops or ointment if you don't like the drops. Excellent stuff. Replaces the old Golden Eye Ointment, remember that anyone? Great stuff that too cure all. You won't go wrong with it.


My mother used to take off her gold wedding ring and rub it on the stye. Worked a charm, stye gone in a day or two.

I got offered that as remedy by a colleague of mine.....wouldn't believe it. Can you truly say that this one has worked that magic? Just an update: since the Chlorsig drops the stye has  'shrunk'  significantly and far less 'angry' looking! But thanks to everyone...


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