Study finds "cocktail of pesticides" in popular fruits

Worried about the chemicals used in the growing process of fruits and vegetables in recent decades?

You should be according to the latest research out of the United Kingdom with the Pesticide Action Network (PDN) identifying 122 different pesticides in the 12 most polluted products

The analysis of the figures is taken directly from government test samples!

The study found that almost all grapes and oranges contain a "cocktail of pesticides"

Nick Mole from PAN UK said: “These figures highlight the wide array of chemicals that we are exposed to daily through our diets. While safety limits continue to be set for just one pesticide at a time, the evidence is growing that chemicals can combine to be more toxic, a phenomenon known as the cocktail effect.”

Are you worried about the pesticides used in Australia to grow fruits and vegetables?

Have you considered moving to a fully organic diet?


There are over 80 pesticides used in Australia that are banned in other countries.

This includes 17 pesticides that have the potential to cause cancer, 48 that are potential hormone disrupters, and 30 that are classified as either extremely dangerous or highly hazardous by the World Health Organisation. These pesticides are used on foods we consume every day- fruits, vegetables, grains and more. You can find the list of the 80 pesticides, their use and potential risk here.

In most countries a pesticide has to be proven safe before it can be used but in Australia the reverse is true.

it is not just pesticides. Farmers are known to use chemicals to make their product big and appealing. For instance 'Thompson's Seedless' grapes when left to its own devices produces green grapes that are quite small. Farmers use gibberellic acid, a plant growth regulator, to enlarge table grapes and reduce the size and amount of seeds. The grapevines are often treated as many as three times over the growing period and this hormone is usually present in the fruit at the point of sale.

This article is bound to the raise the ire of the right wing of the National Party. 

Been eating only organic for years, best investment in my health ever. Grow your own or find a farmers market and ask what they use, or an organic supplier. Also been proven that organic is more nutritious, you will feel fuller and not reach for snacks.


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