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I am one of the "lucky ones" eligible for the Government's $900 stimulus bonus, was fortunate enough to have put in a Tax return last year, unfortunately lost my job in November last year and due to circumstances beyond my control had to apply for Centrelink benefits. They have put me on Newstart (I am 63 yrs old), and have now sent me to a Job network where I have to attend everyday to learn how to write a resume, how to get a job, how to keep a job etc.etc.

Mind you the average age of the rest of the class is approx. 20 years old. I have not minded it too much as number one it gets me out and about and talking to people, I enjoy talking to young people and number two You can still teach old dogs new tricks.

Anyway back to the original discussion thread, has anyone else who was eligible for the $900 received it yet, as I do not know one person from this side of Australia to the other side that has actually received it yet.

The Tax office said that they will be rolling it out over a period of weeks by random postcodes etc. so here's hoping that they are not going by suburbs as mine starts with "W" so looks like I will have to wait till the end date of 16th May before I can start stimulating the economy by paying my bills. lol

Love to hear from anyone who has actually received it and how are people thinking of using it.

Have a great day


I am not due for it--but I know quite a few that are--and none of them have received it as yet

In our area, even in the same supermarket, some have received it, but others haven't. Seems it is very random, obviously not going by postcode number.

Next door neighbours received theirs but unfortunately we will not be getting one.

Oh well, hopefully it might help some people who are struggling.

Yes My Son should get his--good luck to all those that are getting it--

I know where my son's has gone - he was off to Malaysia - for a fornight.. Airfares, courtesy of his inlaws, (bloody millionaire's), but the rest of it, I expect he has spent - in Malaysia. Been gone for a week and not due back until next week. Don't really approve, but if some-one gives you the airfare! And a week's accomodation! I'm just living on the pension - no-way I can afford that. I do worry that my grandchildren are being give too high expectations - at age 14 and 12, they have been taken to so many places - China, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, and several resort places in Australia. The "other" grandparents will pick them up an fly them to Melbourne, or Perth, just to visit friends, or to go shopping..

I understand where you are coming from Bev. All you can hope is that your children and grandchildren have benefited from their travels, and appreciate that if they want to continue with this kind of life style they will need to work for it. My granchildren are in a similar situation, except that it is my daughter and son-in-law who can afford these things. The ridiculous thing about this stimulus package is that my daughter will receive it - and in her words, absolutely doesn't need it.. She will doubtless donate it to some charity, but it does make you wonder what difference this is going to make to the economy.

Yes so many of the young ones get far too much these days--and they grow up thinking the world owes them a living--I have seen it happen over and over again--it really isn't doing them any favors--as when times are tough and they are no longer able to get things as easy--or when they start a relationship, they have not a clue--how to manage--this is when they get into all sorts of bother. If they are taught to save and budget--from an early age they really make out much better. They also realize that money doesn't grow on trees and how hard it is to come by. They also learn to look after things becuse they have had to work hard to get them.


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