Stayz nightmare in Sydney

We’ve just had a nightmare experience at a apartment in Sydney at the old Olympic village in Homebush


We were there as a multi generation family of 6 for one of my granddaughters competition in a sporting event


When we arrived there were cockroaches in the kitchen but as my daughter (who had booked the property) had spoken to the manager the day before about a bad review she had seen on their website, she was assured the apartment would be spotless


We complained to the manager on several occasions during our stay and his response was to give us a can of insect spray!


There was mould in the bathrooms, filthy stained and sticky carpet , and even cockroaches in the dishwasher and fridge ! When we ate anything we had to wash our plates and cutlery first.  There was also no working smoke alarm in the kitchen/living area.  It had been disabled and the battery removed! 


We were not in a position to move to somewhere else because of my granddaughters need to be at rehearsals and competition and we couldn’t afford to go to a hotel. In addition one of my granddaughters has food allergies to certain foods which meant we couldn’t eat out and had to have accommodation with cooking facilities


I even rang stayz but was told we had to speak to the manager who showed no interest in our complaints .  The manager is now not returning attempts to communicate with him from my daughter who made the original booking


Luckily I took photos of all the issues I’m noting here


Is there anything we can now do to get a refund  or some compensation for this horror holiday???


Thanks for your help 


This is not advice, only an observation. If your outlay was below a thousand or so, I'd forget about it. You won't get anywhere and to take them to court will cost a bomb. You can write a review about the place, but they can alter any reviews. 


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