Stay or go?

Ever travelled to a country that you didn’t want to leave? Or perhaps you couldn’t get home quickly enough? Here is my experience!

[b]Vernon, BC, Canada[/b]
On my travels last year, I visited some friends up in Canada. They were living in a town about five hours drive from Vancouver. To get there, we had to drive through the mountains, which was an experience in itself, passing some great rivers and lakes along the way, even stopping at a small town along the way for a magnificent meal that I can still remember. I was visiting in early September, so it had not started to snow, but as we went through the mountain passes which were extremely high up, there were snowflakes in the air.

I remember arriving in this town, which I was amazed to hear only had a population of 35,944, a big change from the city lifestyle I have been brought up in. As soon as I arrived, I felt at home staying at my friends’ house. The town booms during the snow season with mountains all around, so it is no wonder there is a ski resort, which was closed at my time of visiting. What I remember most about this trip was not what I did, but what I didn’t do. I relaxed! I spent time with friends I had not seen in a very long time, went out for coffee, saw a movie, went to dinner, went to a few national parks and lakes around the area but did not feel pressured to get out and see things!

In the end there is no place like home, but I felt like I could call this town my home and did not want to leave, one day it just might be!

Post your experiences now… good or bad!


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