stains in plastic containers

Any stains in your plastic containers or your blender or anything like that?

Just put your "clean" containers out in the sunshine and they will disappear like magic.

The ultra violet light is what does it!




Thanks Radish, does it get rid of old spaghetti sauce stains too, I usually only use glass containers but sometimes because I make it in bulk have to use plastic and they look yucky afterwards

yes, it sure does...any stain at all will go :)

Will definitely try it out - that is the type of solutions we all should be using.

Thanks Raddish - getting rather too much sun at the moment, so at least it can be put to some use. 

Will also try it when I have a bad stain :)

Strange hey,  can store a bit of air in a jar  but cannot store sunshine in a jar can we :)

Don't worry just me  having a  moment. :)

Tried it out yesterday and my plastic container is squeaky clean.


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