Stain remover gives chemicals the heave-ho

I've recently become a convert – after years of sneering disbelief – of cleaning windows with a mixture of water and vinegar rubbed on with newspaper. I was staggered when I found it worked – and better than store-bought cleaners. So now, I'm intrigued by this homemade carpet cleaner.

Green-cleaning expert Tonya Harris says we can remove stains from carpets using everyday ingredients from our pantries.

She told this two-ingredient recipe should work on most carpets and most surface stains. The key to spot cleaning, she says, is to get to the stains as quickly as possible, and soak up as much as possible with a paper towel or rag first. Always check the care instructions.


Baking soda, white vinegar, water plus a microfiber cloth and a scraping tool (such as a food scraper) for any caked-on stains.

General method:

Soak up as much of the stain as possible with a clean cloth. Scrape anything up that's caked on.

Sprinkle the stain with a thin layer of baking soda.

Spray with a solution of equal parts white vinegar and water.

Let set for a few minutes, and watch as the combination fizzes and lifts the stain.

Blot clean; do not rub it in.

If any stain remains, repeat as necessary.

For pet stains:

Simply add an essential oil to the original method.

For old stains:

Follow the same method, but let the baking soda and vinegar sit a bit longer. You can keep an eye on the stain to watch as it starts to lighten up. Repeat as needed, and if you need a little extra cleaning power, gently scrub the stain with a small brush (such as a toothbrush or other cleaning brush).

Have you tried this method? Have you tried the vinegar, water and newspaper method for cleaning windows?


I have been doing this forever! It is good on mirrors too. In fact I don't buy any cleaning products at all. White vinegar, baking soda. soda water and even steam are all good cleaners and don't leave that chemical smell behind. There are books written on this stuff if you are interested, or even just Google the solution for the job you need to do.

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I used that cleaning method on a fairly large stain (coffee spill) on a creamy beige wool carpet and was left with a dirty looking dark water mark. Then I got professional carpet cleaners but they were unable to fix it. Ended up having to buy a mat to cover the area. Now I use an orange oil based carpet cleaner which works well on both new and old stains.


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