Spending less time on the computer

My grandmother always complains about how long it takes to do anything at all on the computer - and after watching her in action I think that this is largely because of the number of clicks needed, just to get to google in order to perform a search.

If you use the Australian computer program "[b]Big Buttons[/b]" (www.bigbuttons.com.au) most tasks can be completed with far less work, saving you time and meaning less time on the computer.

Of course, if you want to spend more time on the computer, using [b]Big Buttons[/b] can make that time less stressful for you.

Also, the keyboard short-cut "Control + Z" (holding down the Control button, then pressing "Z") is a short-cut for "undo"... so if you're typing a letter or even a post on a forum and you make a mistake, don't waste time deleting everything manually, just go back to the last step by using that shortcut!

... and if you want to undo what you've undone, use the Control + Y shortcut.



highlighting is usually the easiest and quickest way to get rid of stuff you typed. or to modify stuff.

simply highlight what you dont want then press any key and the highlighted stuff will disappear (i thought everybody knew that)

for the 2 or 3 people in the world who dont know how to highlight, simply put the cursor at the start or end of what you want to highlight, and hold your left click down and drag the cursor to the other end of what you want to highlight

cut and paste is the one i see many people have difficulty with. i found the easiest and simplest method is to highlight what you want to copy, then hold down the control key and press "c". then click your cursor to the spot you want to copy it to and hold down the control key and  press "v". so easy campeze! great if you want to add part of an article to an email or a post or whatever.

highlighting is also useful for modification. for example you may wish to convert typing to italiacs or bold or underlined etc, or enlarge some words or whatever. simply highlight what you want to modify, then click on bold or underline or italiacs or whatever, then click on a neutral part of the page and bingo its done!

that will cover most requirements for the average person but if you do a lot of word processing, its probably worth your while to lay out a few dollars and enjoy a basic word processing course at TAFE.

its amazing what microsoft word can do, which is why the printing trade went the way of horse breakers when cars got popular. its probably why curriences had to be modified so they couldnt be counterfeited on a home computer and printer.

Bilby good to see your posts-- I did know most but have learned some off you --- thanks 


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