South Korea’s raccoon café might be the cutest thing ever

Who doesn’t need a pick-me-up in 2020? A café in Seoul, South Korea seems to have the right idea, with raccoons allowed to entertain customers.

The café has an entrance fee of about $10 Australian and is chock full of adorable fat, fluffy raccoons that run around and make trouble.

Animal cafes are actually quite popular throughout South Korea. Patrons are advised to wear hoodies as the raccoons love digging into pockets and pulling the hoodie straps.

Watch this adorable video for a dose of cuteness you won’t be able to resist.

Would you visit a raccoon café? Have you ever visited any other animal café throughout Asia?


Although I find them adorable NO,  I would not like to visit there to eat -- I think it is a better idea to keep these cute critters in a more natural place FOR THEM -- not a good idea to have them around cafes at all

Yes, I'me with you PlanB, they may be cute, but they should be free in their own environment, almost cruel to keep them like this!

I love the Meerkat Bistro at Werribee Zoo in Victoria where one glassed wall separates you from their meerkat enclosure. You can watch them and they watch you.

That ias as it should be, separated entirely from the animals. Why should you allow these animals to cling to your clothing and climb all over you, depositing goodness knows what on you. Most unhygenic thing I have seen.  These animals can give you  rabies, aand also Salmonella, E.Coli , parasitic and fungi infections. Why would you expose yourself to that. Plain stupid.


 A gang of raccoons invaded the White House and charged at several journalists who were working on the premises!

Read more..


Revenge for 'Badgering' Trump: Racoons Attack Reporters at White House has learnt the White House had to call in the US General Services Administration which manages federal properties to chase the raccoons.

In 1926, White House received its most popular raccoon named Rebecca, which was kept as a pet by Calvin Coolidge's family. The family was presented with the raccoon as a gift from a supporter in Mississippi 


LOL ... wish they'd take over the Oval Office.

The Oval Office is already occupied by the leader of the racoons!

RnR, that would be a blessing. The raccoons would do a better job than the bloody narcissist  bt

Covid was a "blessing from God", lol, now that is fake news.! haha   This bloke is a sandwich short of a picnic, as well as a narcissist, though that wouldn't be the word I used, it begins with A.

FrankC, you are right, I was to polite. Maybe I should put a `F` in front of the A

I find it rather disgusting having Racoons running all over the cafe. What if they are hungry and decide to start eating from your plate.? And who cleans up the poop.?  No wonder virus's are spread in those countries.  

I agree with you, Hola, I would be worried that a raccoon had scampered over the plate I was supposed to eat off.

Darn disgusting, when the animals try to escape, people both run and climb after them, either pressing them into corners or putting their own heads into their small cages. Should be banned. You should see the rat cafe!


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