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I have been traveling in the bush and have been very disappointed by the response of fellow travellers who are in pairs. should i not travel just because i am a solo or is there a group to travel with?

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Having been single for many years at one time, I am well acquainted with how insular married travellers can be. Many can be guarded and jealous when socialising with an unattached person, often thinking that they must be "on the prowl".

The best bet is to join some clubs or associations to meet people and try to find like minded people to travel with. There is really no reason why you shouldn't travel alone if that suits you, but I always found it rather lonely and depressing. These days i travel everywhere with my wife and that certainly solves the problem for me.

I should also mention that solo travel can present safety risks.....another reason I always prefer to travel in company.

Hi missy,

Solo travel can be so rewarding. Don't let any negative interactions with peculiar  others stop you, or the dire warnings of anyone!

I've done it, from south to the top along the coast and back inland in an old Nissan campervan, and it was one of the great experiences of my life. I chatted with so many couples as well as other single women on the road. Those chats provided a bit of company, added to my feelings of community when bush camping overnight and I learnt about what others recommended to see. I talked campervan shop often, usually with the men of couples while the wifey was making the morning tea or whatever (never the other way around!) Some were very eager to show me what they'd done in the way of improvements and tricks to their vans and caravans.

I never found it lonely or depressing; it was exciting. There was just so much to see and do! I used common sense when choosing where to stay if free camping, always with others I felt okay about. I never felt unsafe, either, on my extended trip. My one ambition is to do it again and go right around!

Join a Probus Club...there are one for ladies only, men only, or combined clubs.  We joined a combined club and the best thing we have ever done.

What is Probus please Radish?

Who may join? has it Religious conotations?

I have heard of it but no idea at all about it.

Hi Phyl,  The Probus Clubs are all individual organizations that have each been sponsored by a Rotary Club.  The membership tends to be a little more women than men ( often wives of Rotarians)& they tend to be achievers in their own way.  They are totally autonomous & non religious  & meet once a month, often to listen to a guest speaker.  They are a wonderful way of meeting younger seniors because the membership tends to be over 50, or recently retired people of good standing in the community.  I agree with Radish, that they would be a great way of finding travel partners.

I have no problem traveling alone. While there is plus and minus to everything we do, solo traveling suits me fine. No one will drag me slow and I can function better with my time efficiently and effectively.

See here Phyl

Probus is nothing but a social club.  No fund raising, no religious affiliations of any kind.  

The Rotary Foundation saw a need for social clubs for retired people over the age of 50 or 55 (not quite sure of the age but around that anyway lol) .  Probus is a worldwide organisation.

The name means Professional and Retired Business People but we have people from all walks of life you dont have to be a professional at all.  As long as you are of good character and someone has to recommend you to the club but you can go along to a meeting and sit in and see whether you want to join or not and then find someone to sponsor you.

Some of the wags in our club have another name....Poor Old Buggers Useless at Sex.!!  lol


Anyway, they actually set them up and get them going and then step back and they run themselves with a Committee made up of the members.

It is the best thing we have ever done since retiring.   We are in a combined club but there are some clubs for women only or men only but we prefer the combined.  We have monthly meetings with a guest speaker (and often one from our club as well).  Our meeting starts at 9.45 a.m. but most people arrive around 9 a.m. and there is great fun and laughter before the meeting.

We have movie outings, bus trips, luncheons, you name it we have it.   Once a years we usually have a caravan trip away for about a week and usually go to a caravan park where those who do not have vans can stay inthe onsite chalets or whatever.   We have games, bbq's and usually hire a bus to take us on a wine tour or something like that. 

All I can say is go and have a look at and you will find out all you need to know. I


 Radish and Jane and Ken :)

You are very welcome Phyl...I forgot to mention the three F's which are the motto of the Probus Clubs.

'FUN, FELLOWSHIP AND FRIENDSHIP" and overall I think we do a pretty good job of sticking to it.

Good comments from members here .......Joy and I have been members of a combined club near where we live for something like 15 years now and we continue to make new friends and to enjoy the social outlook ..........Guest speakers at meetings .....trips a way etc etc

I might add that the last thing that Probus members get involved in is matters of a religious nature and .............we are all equal as members and no one person will last more than 5 mins if they set out to act in a......." holier than though......." manner

Join now and have fun .........clay


being single is annoying when one is invited to dances or socials requiring couples to participate-where does one meet an 80year old gentleman for a platonic relationship in the Port Macquarie area?

There are quite a few 'Grey Nomad' web sites with lots of advice and info too 

From my experience as someone in the UK asked me...can they meet a nice man here in Australia...recently on holiday there.....well common thoughts are that there are some very nice men here but they not for commital experience unless they all live in the Eastern States.....I think Australia beautiful country and certainly a mans country too.....but as for coupling into marriages no no......I joined singles etc for a partner and found eventually they only want social partners ending up in the be crude....if that is what you want then OK fine.....most elderly now have a partner,wife or whatever in nursing homes for one reason or another ...I genuinely did meet five in a row who all had this situation lol don`t laugh its a true story.......I couldnt take em around to meet my crew and tell em that...they`d think I was definately senile.................lolololololol most have found marriage partners in Europe and UK......

PS   Safety is the key here...I used to work in the bush some years ago for different people housekeeping, Holiday Resorts in the NT and Darwin and the theme was safety....  I was being continually told that my safety was paramount and I shouldnt do it any son in law everntually got me back to Perth safe in one piece after a two years stint...Its a safety problem these days and the more attractive a girl/woman may be she is a hit for some strange people who are roaming about out there believe  me...join a group which is much more sensible.......the remotest desert areas can be the most dangerous for young men too...I wasnt too happy when I heard a grandson had a life long dream of walking the Drovers Run etc etc my heart sank...however he changed his mind  after a talk to his father and a few more...conducted tours with a few vehicles is safer....maybe..........

It's all the dweebly nerds that are all  "concerned about your safety." that annoy me.

All within reason of course. 

I was advised to cancel my stayover in Damascus 18 months ago.

Good call as it worked out.


So what do you do, sit at home, staring at the walls that surround, waiting....

Hello Missy,

When you say travelling in the bush do you mean the bush as in "off the beaten track' or are you just talking travelling around Australia on the black top?

In my experience travelling if i came across a couple the "bloke" was more than happy to get away from "the one who must be obeyed" for half an hour for a quick chat,plus to discuss the roads and places to go.

I'm sure if you bumped into a couple the wife would be more than happy to chat to another female,the bloke wouldent mind one bit,give his ears a break (joking),I always got on with people in the bush,some were a bit snobby,especially if my vehicle was not "as good and expensive" as theirs,but they are not worth my time,I'm surprised you are having trouble mate,really.

Regards Billy

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