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I have been traveling in the bush and have been very disappointed by the response of fellow travellers who are in pairs. should i not travel just because i am a solo or is there a group to travel with?

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This trip i found that even a couple were having trouble. they felt it is all about the rig you are in. My camper is great for me and my status will always be just me, what you see is what you get. BUT i will lend a hand if i can and have a chat and share whether you're a couple or single, in a camper motorhome or caravan.

Billy ilike to get off the black top and out to the real bush and this last trip i was cautioned by a you bloke for "being in the bush on my own" i aked him what he thought i should be affraid of his reply " you can't do anything out here what if you need help". My concern is would he help or assume i am odd for being there.

I love the bush and can no longer do the things of my youth lol but my camper lets me enjoy what i can do.

live happy find ways to do what you want and enjoy life - hopefully others will help you achieve.

Hello missy,sounds like you copped the "snobs and toffs" too,stuff em,thats what I say.And dont be scared of the bush neither,if you get bitten by a snake just lay back with a fag and a beer and relax,what else can you do.

Sounds like you have your stuff together,its others that are a problem,its not you mate,even in the big cities you get the same snobbery,they carry it around with them like a badge of honour,whatever is inside a persons head,they dont leave it at home,the same attitude goes with em,just let their tyres down,stuff em.

Keep on doing what you are doing,dont worry about the snobs,there are normal people out there but they are hard to find,they are hiding from the "snobs & toffs"

Regards Billy

Yes these days there are a lot of the snob attidude of "my rigs better than yours" very sad really --but really, who needs to know that type anyway--just makes travelling not a pleasent as it once was

I have often wondered if all this grey nomad business is all it is cracked up to be..and sounds as though there is a bit of snobbery around...hate that sort of thing.

Anyway, I did all my travelling in my twenties overseas..had a great time hitchhiking around Europe with two friends and in those days it was a lot safer and we never had an ouce of trouble.

In our later years we prefer to go on tours or do our own thing and stay in hotel, motel, b and b etc. but of course each to their own and it all comes down to what one can afford as well.




Radish,the original Grey Nomads from the 70's were few and far between,look at all the places the Leyland Brothers went and how often did they bump into other travellers? hardly ever,but all that stuff spawned an industry and all these manufacturers got on the band wagon.

Its stuffed now,everywhere you go these grey ghosts have been there with their "twin poodles" and colour TV for Home and Away etc,its sad,you go bush for the bush,to get away from the city lifestyle,the 9 to 5 clock punching,you dont take that stuff with you,may as well stay at home.

I pulled into a layby crossing the Nullobor at night in winter,i was in a VW Van not a camper just a plain van,but i couldent park because of these Grey Nomads blocking the layby,there was enough room on the left hand side for them to park but it was too far to walk to the fire,these people just double parked so no through traffic,I got out and abused the selfish dogs,

Its not all its cracked up to be Radish,its an Industry within itself with all the problems you get in the city,the snobbery is unbelieveable,missy is dead right,if your face dont fit your "out".

Regards Billy

I am also glad I did my traveling in early times--also have done some later but in earlier times the place was unspoiled and beautiful and SAFE, in Aussie I prefered to travel via caravan as can stop where and when you wish--not that our van was brand new but did us and we loved that way of travel, not having to pack and unpack nor be in a place because we had already booked.  I hate snobery of any kind.

I would hate to travel with others such as a club being out there on your own is the BEST

I too hate the snobbery and for me it is easy not to have to pack, i can just go or stay on if i wish as all i need is in the camper. The places i go are both in town and off track but there are a lot of people pull up and miss all that is around them, the local pubs, the sun rises and just the bush.

It's not about the money as to where you stay or what you can afford and if it is you are probably the people who don't talk. It's about the million stars, the smell of the bush, gum honey , the soud of the birds, i good wine and a good feed. If you add a good story to these you have the perfect trip.

Yes Missy, all about peace and beauty, so many tell me they travelled around Aussie in 6 weeks or such  OMG bet all they saw was the line on the road--they could NEVER see anything else in that time.  I was told I could see Tassie in a weekend !  I went there for 7 weeks and I am sure I still never saw ALL of it.  There is so much to see here in Aussie but for heavens sake TAKE A LOT OF TIME !

Time and access are the important things. i can stay where i like and for longer if i wish and i am always amazed and almost always need to go back. so i know i will never see all of oz but boy i will have fun trying.

Missy how wonderful you are travelling alone--do what you want and stay where and when you wish,  eat when you are hungry and sleep when you are tired

On a happy note not all "Grey Nomads" are wankers just a percentage,but in the more popular camping spots they take over like a 'mice plague",they are all starting to migrate North now,to follow the sun,good cos I live South and most of em cant drive a 4x4 never mind tow,they are a menace on the road.

When they come towards me i just sit as close to the left as I can to get away from them,if they pull over my way too far i sit just inside the white line and force em into the shoulder.None of them can drive a bus or know how to tow properly,most are deaf and blind,so its safer playing with a brown snake than getting near a Grey Nomad.

I fully understand where you are coming from missy,try not to take too much notice of the cretins you meet on your travels,but they exist all right,stuff em,and enjoy your travelling mate.

Regards Billy.

Also I meant to say you are safer in the bush than you are in the city--I know what I would rather trust between a snake and a human  and it is NOT a human

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