So, White Supremacist, Jenny Morrison's best friend's husband is White Supremacist Tim Stewart. Tim is Scumo's best friend and advisor. Can the corruption be any more blatant?



 Killabilli house looks like a boarding house -- or a Hillsong headquarters?


Yes very troubling and yes RnR I saw that one you posted as well -- also a few others as well

I'm totally disgusted by what I have just read PlanB. Jenny Morrison's best friend Lynelle Stewart being paid by the Libs. $85K and a Commonwealth car just to keep her company.? Scott Morrison is a bully. The way he tore into Christine Holgate for buying those Cartier watches was appalling, and now he says "he regrets it if his language caused her "distress". He doesn't know how to say "Sorry". 

Yes HOLA I am disgusted as well -- not paid by the Libs  -- we the taxpayers are paying for Jenny's best friend to be paid AND have the government car  (more expense from OUR pocket )-- and Morrison being told what to think and say from this husband of hers, lookup Tim Stewart QAnon  on the web and it brings up a LOT more too.

IMO Morrison is a follower not a leader


And Morrison has the hide to go off about Holgate and the watches!!!???


Holy cow. The only way to win with this stupidity is to vote him out. W.A. I believe, loves this guy, the rest of the intelligent Australians think he is in league with the Devil. Bet W.A. will scream blue bloody murder when he brings in the Welfare Card to pensioners over there.

Get rid of the arrogant B, who has a yellow stripe the full length of the spine.                                       Too much of a coward to do something constructive with Conservation.                                                  A coward who runs away from Danger or having to make a decision - trip to Hawaii with the family during the crippling horrendous bush fires.                                                                                              So damn thick skinned when attempting to shake hands with those who lost everything in the fires and who now despise him. This is not all but you get the picture.




YEP! I agree fully BeeMee, he is an arrogant, ignorant full of S**T used car salesman and I can not stand a bar of him.


He also ducks and weaves ALL questions and walks off rather than answer any, he would not admit to wanting his bestie the pedophile protector to go to meet Trump with him -- ( at our expense too)


Loves the limelight and likes to look important


Also on the TV this Sunday  6th June SBS Viceland at 9.20pm


Qanon: The Search For Q 

9:20PM - 10:10PM



To understand what Q is and why it has been so enormously popular, hosts Bayan Joonam and Marley Clements get to know the most influential QAnon evangelists.

So now we know why Scotty is trying to be the Australian Trump.  But a very poor version. Looks like religion and politics are mixing once again and out comes the bigots and fundamentalist spouting their perverted version of religion, while he presided over a government running a secret agenda, secret trials, and locking up Australian children without charge.



Why do you elderly ladies gossip so much??? Why do you believe fake news. May I suggest you read the bible instead?


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