Snail mail

Just got some snail mail from Centrelink. It was dated 24th August 2009, requires a reply by 14th September, 2009. I've sent my reply, but if it takes as long for my reply to get there, as it did for their mail to get to me, it will be too late!


That is so bad--seems to take forever to get mail here in Aussie--I get mail from the USA in 4 days and sometimes it takes well over a week to get mail fron Vic or Qld--some has never even got here at all

I've found that parcels travel much faster than ordinary letters, I can send a letter to my son in Newcastle and it will take anything up to 10 days to get there, but if I send a parcel, it's usually there within 4 or 5 days. Why the difference?

Parcel delivery is done by a different person to the post man


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