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Over the last few weeks our smart tv a HiSense Smart stopped letting us access iview, 7 plus, 9 plus, etc. 

Has anyone else had this happen? 

We used to just push the red button on the remote and it would immediately darken the screen and we could access 7 plus shows straight away - no more. 




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Are you accessing your TV signal via:

1. An aerial, or

2. directly from your NBN box, or

3. via WiFi attached to your NBN box?

If 2 or 3, you might want to 'reboot' your WiFi unit and/or NBN box? 

Good luck

Yes, sometimes we have had that happen and  a quick dash to the computer fixes it. Don't know why but it's annoying.

No problems with Samsung tv.

There could be a multitude of problems causing that. Like Waiting to retire at 70 said how are you accessing the streaming channels - through a cable plugged into the TV from the modem/router OR are you using WiFi.

And also as they said try rebooting the modem/router first - turn off at powerpoint or switch on rear of unit, leave off for say 30 seconds and switch back on. WAIT for it's start-up process (some can take a few minutes) and try the TV again.

Being a Hisense TV you may need to set-up the WiFi password again if it's lost it and that's how you connect to the Internet.


I have done all this but still having the same problem regardless of how I access any of the streaming channels, even when watching online via the laptop so really can't totally blame my hisense tv which is only 2 years old.  Still looking for solution as it's most frustrating. Don't really want to have to buy a new tv as not sure the same issue will be there by the looks of it from remarks by Samsung users


Thanks everyone. Spoke with Hisense late yesterday.

We used to push the red button on the remote. So Sau we were on TV channel 90, pushing red button would give us access not to Freeview, but all shows over past year and their streaming of numerous series ie The Sullivan's  (just used that name). That no longer works. I was signed in to all main channels as well. 
We brought a second remote - same scenario.

Hi sense said yesterday Freeview did an update of their program and that is the problem. She was telling me Freeview have all the old series. Freeview seems to go back 24 hours only and I could not see what she was saying. She blamed Freeview.

Why oh why do they make life so difficult. Disabled computing, jigsaws and odd knitting and tv are really all I can do. Frustrated but looks like zilch I can do about it. TV is about two years old. 
thanks everyone



What model number is it?

Yes, I've had problems like that with SBS and only this week with 7plus with my Smart Samsung...Contacted Samsung with my SBS problem last year and they gave me the best advice to just refresh App and reboot TV which I now do whenever I lose a Streaming channel and that seems to fix it..It is a pain just remembering the procedure though! especially when your in your 70's lol...

I can get apps on the Hisense TV for ABC Iview and SBS - but not the other channels - this is apparently a new upgraded "commercial agreement." Will check on model number. I can't see it, with disability, but hubby can. He won't be long.

Thanks everyone,

Sorry Melb lockdown update.

Model number Hisense 65 PX


All  can say is thank goodness I have a 20 year old TV which gives me no problems.

Lucky you!


Your TV manual is very slim on information. You sound like you understand Freeview but just to be sure I'll explain.

All Freeview does is make it easy to access all the TV channels streaming services in one place. I've never used it, I only go to each TV channel's App to access their videos. This you should still be able to do, although I noticed that on the 7plus website they don't mention Hisense televisions. 

Do you have an App or menu item called, "Catch-up TV", that's what it's often called. My TV has catch-up, access that and all the TV channels come up on the screen and you pick which one you want to access.

One more thing, you mentioned pushing the red button - Freeview is accessed using the Green button from what I can see.

RESOLVED: Last night hubby was fiddling with remote as he does! He clicked on 70, and down bottom of screen came Freeview, Catch up Demand. You had to hit the button pretty quickly, but it worked. Tried it on all stations and it works. I did put something on their facebook site. Not sure whether this helped, or problem just resolved itself. Quite bizarre. 

Thanks everyone,


Belinda, you're not alone! We also have been experiencing similar problems with our LG smart tv for some time. Not sure about 7plus etc. but we certainly lost iview, or we are not able to log in anymore. We have tried just about every solution suggested above without success. We did contact ABC support and we received the following reply. Although it didn't solve our problem, it may be of help to you since your tv is not an LG. Just try some of the suggested FAQ's. In the meantime, we can only access iview on line! Good luck!


Belinda ~~~  Friend of mine also has a HiSense TV which, on two occasions, stopped connecting; in both instances, just after it had been moved.  It hadn't been moved far, only enough to replace a floor covering.  I struggled for ages (it's a horrible interface and every attempt required re-entry of the WiFi password).  Apparently she later got it going by moving it bit.  Of course, this makes little sense really except perhaps that radio waves can behave in strange ways, the TV being in a different room to the WiFi router and maybe it ended up being in a "dead" spot where a couple of inches can make a difference.  Dunno!  Worth a try.

Oh nothing amazes me, lol

In the case of my Hisense TV, software updates removed function.

I cannot now access the Electronic Program Guide, and there is no alternative.

I will think long and hard before buying another Lowsense? TV.

In the case of my Hisense TV, software updates removed function.

I cannot now access the Electronic Program Guide, and there is no alternative.

I will think long and hard before buying another Lowsense? TV.

Well yes let's call it dumb. I have been so happy with it until this. The channels all say you can stream, but you can't. Grrr. Your problem is odd. Sorry TVs problem. Sorry. I feel like lodging complaint with Victorian ombudsman,

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