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Over the last few weeks our smart tv a HiSense Smart stopped letting us access iview, 7 plus, 9 plus, etc. 

Has anyone else had this happen? 

We used to just push the red button on the remote and it would immediately darken the screen and we could access 7 plus shows straight away - no more. 




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Why not buy a Telstra TV streaming box to connect to your,not so smart TV?

Yay!!! I am so happy for you

Me too! Thanks for all your helpful comments. You all helped. So thank you.


Excellent; thanks for the update, too.
(Much can be said in favour of fiddling!  Takes patience and introspection.)

Well, today it stopped working again! Ho hum!


I know you mentioned the "red button" before. Have you actually tried using the "Green button" to access Freeview. That IS the button, that's a standard coloured button to access Freeview across all TV's.

Yep no work! 

On two remotes, one recently purchased online.

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