Sizzler reveals secret cheese toast recipe

With food chain Sizzler closing the doors on its final nine restaurants in Australia from 15 November, the company has delivered a parting gift, revealing the secret recipe for its popular cheese toast.

The basic recipe for Sizzler Cheese Toast, which is served free with every meal in the restaurant, has not changed since it originated in the USA more than 40 years ago.

Here’s how to make it according to the experts.

Thick sliced white bread is spread with a generous mix of pecorino cheese and margarine and is then toasted on a flat grill until golden brown on one side.

Cheese toast is a delicious blend of textures and flavours, with soft chewy bread on one side complimented by crisp toast on the other and, the subtle yeasted bread flavours contrasting with the sharp flavour of parmesan cheese.


That's a special gift!  White bread and margarine!  I'd have to be damn hungry.

Never had that toast but it sounds revolting -- as I don't like these 2 kinds of cheese at all OR margarine

Pecorino is one, what is the other? I can't see another cheese mentioned.

Pecorino is much like parmesan.


I have probably been to Sizzler only a couple of times (only because I don't like buffets and children dipping their messy hands in the salads) ...and can't remember what their cheese toast is like.

However...I love cheese toast and always make that or garlic bread when I serve a pasta dish.


When visiting Darwin (on business) I nearly always had at least one meal at Sizzler. They served up a good spread but I cannot recall any cheese toast, or at least it made no impression on me. I do not recall a Sizzler in Melbourne, maybe they were on the other side of town. My favourite bistro in Melbourne was Fast Eddys but they closed down long ago.

Boy that cheese toast was so YUM!

Nothing beats a nice juicy steak topped with a blue cheese dressing,  crunchy fries, and a generous side of cheese toast.


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