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Has anyone ever legitimately seperated from there wife and asked c/l for there full single pension back,and just how hard was it to get back onto a single pension.


My neighbour's huband went into a Nursing home and then they both got a single Pension.

That's totally different to a couple who are separating.

Thank you.  My reduction in pension because we married is killing our marriage. 

I found it quite easy, just fill out the necessary paperwork and they let you know in around 4 weeks. By the way, I am genuinely separated. 

Why would a couple expect a single pension if they are together under the same roof? The single pension is to make up for not having a couple pension as some bills are the same. 

johnboy, does your wife receive a Pension?

No, MY wife has just got her permenent resedency, and she works very hard  two jobs. But she just cant live with the idea that she has to pay for everything, 

It wasn't hard under Labor in government to go on Newstart when separated and it wasn't hard to go on a full age pension in 2012 . All you needed was the correct documentation to qualify  and a month's wait. Not sure how it is now.

but, you can't live in the same house !!

Sorry Arvo but your wrong well at least in Victoria you can seperate live under the same roof so long as you can show you live/sleep in seperate bedrooms. I have 2 friends that live that way


Its very hard to live on one wage now days,She is 14 years younger than me.And because she works her guts out my pension is reduced to about $200 a fortnight. I'm sorry but i do blame the governments for making it so hard for us and i believe there would be lots of others in the same boat.  Then again she is so greedy and selfish that she wants all her earnings to be her's alone.  So seperation it is i think.  Just hope i can get my full single pension back easly thats all.

My wife is 13 years younger and earns 1700 gross fortn I get couples pension 320 fort

she does not wanttoworkforever. At 70.  She is 54 now

If she quits work sometime how can we survive on 711 fort for the 2 of us ?

did she marry you for the sole purpose of getting resiency,would be on your pat malone there

If you go and live with say your daughter or son due to your health issues, Centrelink class this as seperating from your wife on medical grounds and then you should get a full pension again - at least that's what they ruled in my neighbour's case.  In this case he had Alzheimers and she was a diabetic and was struggling to care for him - so they both seperated on medical grounds.

There is also the issue of any property you own if you seperate - even if your wife's name is not on the title deed of your home, if she's paid bills like power bills etc, she may be able to claim half of the property.   Selling up to show you are genuinely seperated might be another alternative.

Yes she pays the bills but regrets doing it though,some one has to pay them ,i cant .and i payed this house off 10 years before she came along.I dont think she could force me to sell.  No i dont think she just wanted reserdency, she just thinks she would be better off on her owne ,i am just a berdon to her.  thanks to government .

I really think i have a case for financial abuse as well. my pension is gone with in 5 min of receiving it. and she puts her money in her account. 

made your bed champ, stop blaming the government for your decisions. Leave her and get the full pension, stay with her and get what you are entitled to receive. 

Thanks for your adviice McDaddy.

Make sure you hang on to your house johnboy.

Good advice Abe

I just read this and I feel sorry for you Johnboy. Yes, you can be separated within the house but apart from bank accounts etc being seperate, you need to demonstrate that you lead seperate lives. If one of you moves out, then you are genuinely separated, and she is entitled to some of your house which may mean you having to sell up. Your local area should have free legal advice. I would go and see someone, or you could find yourself in dire straights with a single pension and no home


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