Singapore's response to Covid-19

An interesting and thought provoking article from the Straits Times.

I wish we could have such forward thinking here in Oz.  But as I have seen from my many visits to Singapore, they do things differently there.


In a large country, the number hospitalised from influenza can be huge. For example, in the United States, hundreds of thousands are hospitalised every year because of the flu, and tens of thousands die.

But because the chances of falling very ill from influenza are so low, people live with it. They carry on with their daily activities even during the flu season, taking simple precautions or getting an annual flu jab.

History has shown that every pandemic will run its course. :From that article.

Except the elite of the world want to drag it out as long as possible for their own financially and power gains.

Note that tens of thousands die from the flu each year, so why is covid any different? Because they wanted to sell a vaccine to the world.

Singapore’s surprising new plan to ‘live with covid’ revealed.

Vaccination first, then reduce restrictions

Vaccination was key. The road map out of the current measures couldn’t begin until more people had been jabbed. Singapore is set to have given two-thirds of its residents at least one jab within weeks and to have two thirds fully vaccinated by early August. Singapore has recorded some fully vaccinated locals getting Covid-19, but none of them have had serious symptoms. The ministers state it’s likely that would continue and booster shots may be necessary.

The Singaporean ministers said the country was by no means at a stage where the post-covid plan could commence. For the time being, current restrictions would have to remain in place.

More details.


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