Simple checkout tip could change the way you shop

 grocery items on a supermarket conveyor belt

Woolworths employee worker Liam Kirley shows how the simple placement of your shopping bags on the conveyor belt could improve your shopping experience.

This video, which appeared on Woolworth’s official TikTok page, shows how spacing your bags out on the conveyor belt can help you check out faster.


Check out this checkout hack! ##woolies ##woolworths

? original sound - Woolworths_au

If you don't want to watch the video, all you do is place one bag on the conveyor belt and then put the items you want to go in that bag behind it.

Then repeat until all your bags and groceries are scanned.

Most customers commenting on the TikTok page say they love the tip. Others say it's expecting too much of customers.

“Next you’ll be asking us to drive the trucks for you!” said one.

Woolworths' workers say it's a great way to get through the checkout quicker.

“I love this so much, it’s so much easier for me to understand what the particular customer wants and doesn’t want in a bag,” said one worker.

What do you think of this tip? Would you use it (or do you already?) or do you think it's asking too much?



I think we would get out faster if they opened all the registers,instead of trying to force us to self serve

I prefer to self-serve.

Being aged and disabled, I am a bit slow.

When in a check-out line, I can feel a bit pressured or even bullied by others' impatience, creeping closeness and breathing down my neck - C19 horrors!!!

At self-serve, I can be comfortable and take my time, with others at a reasonable distance.


I agree Tadpole

Good to see you posting

Hope you are keeping well ????

Pacahawi, sorry to hear you feel bullied. That is a tactic that the supermarkets rely on for you to feel pressured to use self serve.

Unfortunately using self serve does people out of a job. So I refuse to do self serve. If others feel impatient, let them use the self serve.



Technology and time waits for no man, not even socialists!

I do my main shop online, and only go to the market for fun stuff like chocs so therefore the self checkout suits me!


To open all the checkouts they would have to employ more staff. Inevitably this would lead to a rise in prices. Is this what you want?

Good idea, IMHO!

Not only would it speed up going through the check-out, it would help when you got home, where you could put away freezer stuff first, then fridge, then kitchen/pantry and finally laundry or wherever else the items are to be stored. :)

We could all get through the checkouts much faster if people let the staff get on with their job and cut down on the chit chat.  No-one wants to listen to your medical problems, or family argy-bargy. 

One of the reasons I gave up going to the bank years ago, was standing in a long line while people stood and chatted with the tellers for 20 minutes.  It drove me demented.  I was always friendly and said hello etc, but the teller didn't need to know my life story.  ATM's don't waste your time.  And it's probably one of the reasons why the banks are closing down branches right left and centre. They need customers buying products and investing money, not taking 20 minutes just to withdraw $10.

Snap!!! LOL

As a retiree, I have no real need to rush through a checkout. Our local supermarkets are very efficient and the difference in time in me lining up bags on the conveyor compared to how it is done now, to quote my husband, would be 3/4 of 5/8 of bugger all. I choose to use a checkout with a real person as I like to think that it will retain jobs.


What a useless piece of advise. Put on more checkout operators during peak periods instead of trying to force people to use self serve checkout would be a start. Unless I get a 10% discount for doing their job I will keep refusing self serve. Had many a discussion with supermarkets in the past as no checkouts open, only self serve and told that no staff available to man the checkout. My reply was "well, your just standing there, go and open a checkout". didn't go down to well lol


I agree with johninmelb , the number of people who want to stand there chit chat is a pain in the arse. I shop mainly at Aldi now, load my shopping into the trolley and unload it at my car. Much quicker and cheaper.

I don't like to use self checkout unless there is no staffed checkout available. I'm trying to save jobs   


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