Sick of hearing "Come Forward".

Anyone else sick of hearing the words "come forward" and get vaccinated?

Why not just say"get vaccinated"?  Why say "come forward?" It sounds ridiculous and makes the people trying to get an appointment very angry. It's llke a broken record: come forward, come forward, come forward...

Well, they would if they could!

So many young people are at boiling point, trying to get appointments for vaccinations and not having much luck. Two young men were turned away at a vaccination hub, told they needed to book online. There was nobody else there and they'd advertised "walk ins welcome". But no, go home and try to book online.

Who are these people? I hear doses of vaccine are being wasted every day. Crazy.

The ones who will never consider getting vaccinated will  not change their minds (no amount of bleating "come forward" will change this) and the ones who desperately want a jab have to jump through hoops to get an appointment.


I will get vaccinated but I wont have the astra zenica 

tisme, I felt the same as you until recently. But the rise in cases and speed of transmission of Delta changed my mind and I had AZ a few weeks ago, booking in for my second one, too. I detest not being given a choice but the data coming out now seems to suggest both vaccines work well.

Yep, I am with you Holly.

The others I am sick of are "jab" for injection or vaccination, borders being "slammed" shut (ridiculous verb to use) and places being "plunged" into lockdown.

Repeated use of jab, slammed and plunged is just laziness on the part of users. 

I agree, Froggie, it's the media trying to sensationalise the pandemic by using big words to fill a column. Much has been said and written about governments of various levels but the media is putting out the information. They are very quick to tell the public how many cases have been found, how many are in ICU and how many have died but the other side of the equation is overlooked.

There have been 37,009 cases, 5333 active, 432 currently hospitalised and, sadly, 941 deaths. There have been 26,910,930 tests carried out and overall these are good figures when compared with countries overseas but good news doesn't sell newspapers. It's frustrating when you see the reporters on TV badgering politicians and medical experts with questions because the answers they are getting don't fit into their narrative.

Great comment, Sue.

Sorry, Froggie, I used the word "jab"  but I detest it too, don't know why I used it instead of vaccination. The jargon must be getting to me subconsciously!

Froggie, meant to add, how much I love your dog picture. Had one just like him/her. Mourned her for years but now we  have a lovely Border Collie.

Sorry that's off topic but had to mention it.

Holly, we have two beautiful goldens, but this is my special boy - Magnus.

However, if we didn't have goldens, I would have a border collie. I just love them. 

I'm with Froggie. The word that irritates me the most is 'jab' - used constantly by the journalists and commentators. Also 'vaccine hesitancy' to describe selfish people who think their personal views are more important than the wellbeing of the entire population.

Spot on Kiri.

For my mental health, I make sure I don't watch Gladys' daily 11am report too often. My husband sits glued to the TV but I disappear to my writing room. I have written three books since COVID  changed our lives and published them all. I feel doing something you enjoy, something creative, is better for you than constantly watching every COVID update and the associated sensationalism.

Anyone agree? And should I have written COVID in lower case, perhaps?

Good for you Holly. That is very wise.

And no, COVID should be in capitals. :-)

Also "stepping up". So much jargon in the media is getting like a broken record, and so many lies from the politicians and CHO's is unbelievable, I am sure many people are switching off or at least become immune to it all (excuse the pun).

I have stopped watching news and current affairs because it is not good for mental health, and I record all TV shows so I can fast forward all the ads, especially the "community announcements". Sick of it all!!

Enjoy your life as best you can, stop stressing, and stop being fearful,all this will lower your immune system. Eat fruit and grow some fresh veggies, get out in the sunshine (when you can) and enjoy the simple things in life.

Incognito, I love your wise words. We have been growing our own vegetables since retirement and the food is far superior isn't it, even if our carrots are strangely shaped. 

We also record our shows and eliminate the ads.

Yes, "stepping up" annoys me, too. I also hate the term "we'll be having a conversation about that"...really?

I am a cranky old lady sometimes!


Thanks, I do believe we get the most nutrients from fresh food and the fresher the better.

I wonder who they are "having a conversation" with? Themselves, usually a one way conversation.

All the doom and gloom is making us all cranky.

BTW I tried using the smiley face emojis but they come up as question marks, strange.


"Anyone else sick of hearing the words "come forward" and get vaccinated?"

Heart From Ears Kaan Se Dil GIF - Heart From Ears Kaan Se Dil Hearts GIFsNope it's music to my ears!

Perhaps it all comes down to MEDIA MADNESS as per  Sue's comment above

'media trying to sensationalise the pandemic '


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