Show the world why there is no place like home

North Ryde resident, Dorina Petre is a passionate local artist sharing her skills with a new generation of growing talent.

After growing up in Transylvania, Romania, she arrived in Australia in 1992 for a holiday to visit family and was encouraged to make a new life on the other side of the world.

To settle into her new life, Dorina began to learn English and continued her therapeutic love for painting watercolour-based pieces focusing on portraits and landscapes.

Bringing a sense of community and creative spark Dorina, who is a member of the Lane Cove Art Society, has volunteered her artistic skills by facilitating art classes with Link Housing since becoming a resident in December 2018.

Dorina is a strong believer in art as a form of self-therapy and hopes her classes give people the confidence to express their talents. 

She runs her art classes in a fun and relaxing environment, and each week has seen participant numbers grow, noticing how the classes are helping to create new friends and connections in her housing complex.

“I enjoy running these art classes as it helps the wellbeing of those attending and gives them an opportunity to connect with others. Not everyone is comfortable with making the first step in forming social interactions,” said Dorina.

“As an artist, I get a great deal of joy from these classes, as they are a way for me to express myself through art in the local community.”

Link Housing is currently inviting professional and amateur artists who are Link Housing residents and members of the public, to submit artworks for their annual ’No Place Like Home’ virtual art exhibition.

This year’s exhibition will be the first to go digital since its inception four years ago due to COVID-19 restrictions and for the safety of the community.

The event aims to raise awareness of the importance of affordable, safe and secure housing by showcasing a range of works around the theme “no place like home” and to reflect on what a home means to them during COVID-19 isolation.

It also provides Link Housing residents with an opportunity to showcase their artworks in professional gallery spaces online. This can play an important role in improving self-confidence and continuing to develop their interest in art with the chance to privately sell their artworks.

Link Housing launched the exhibition four years ago to highlight how a 'home' can transform lives. Since that time the exhibition has grown and last year travelled to five galleries across Northern Sydney, with local dignitaries and community members attending each of the opening nights and purchasing artworks.

Link Housing is encouraging those in the local community to enter the ‘No Place Like Home’ community art exhibition. As in previous years, it is free to submit an artwork. Those interested can complete an application form available online and return it via email at [email protected] or in in the mail. Applications close 5pm Friday, 29 May, 2020.

For further information about artwork submissions, contact Link Housing on 02 9412 5111.


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