Should we purchase Chinese items still?

Australians switch to cheap Chinese cars and dump Ford, GM and European brands - with sales expected to double this year despite trade war with Beijing

Low prices are driving the record buying rates with China now the fourth-largest auto importer into Australia despite growing political tension between the two nations over trade.

I do not need a new vehicle but I saw this in the newspaper and thoughr goodness I have not see this before, should we chat about the topic?


Yes, we should continue buying Chinese items - The WHO has approved one of China’s COVID-19 vaccines for use worldwide and another is under review.

China's COVID-19 researchers got a head start on a vaccine — here's where  they're at now - ABC News

Are you having a war with Sophie Luccia?    It appears to be, she wants people to have the vaccine you come across as if you want to frighten everyone to have them!

Sinopharm and Sinovac’s vaccines account for the bulk of shots given in China, which has so far inoculated 243 million people. More than 45 countries have already approved their use, but the WHO is among the first stringent regulatory authorities to review the data.

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Chinese MG cars are going gangbusters, mainly because of price. Quality is improving to Japanese standards and it would be difficult to slow sales down. Coupled with competitive pricing, the venerable British name which they acquired in 2005 is largely responsible for their huge acceptance. I own one of the last British MGs and resent that the brand is now owned by a foreign company and vehicle types produced no longer reflect the sporting philosophy of the original owners. Hence it is unlikely that I will ever buy a Chinese "MG".

Caveat emptor BillW42. The simple fact is that if you buy an existing business, including the goodwill, you are also paying for the history of that business. Some Australian foods have been bought by overseas companies who advertise the age of the product from invention, not from the time the overseas company bought them.

I agree with Bill about the Chinese MGs - what a travesty that is. How they can claim the British heritage is beyond me.

However, the reality is that the coming years will be Asian. If not Chinese, then Indian. If not Indian, then Vietnamese. And so on - Malaysia, Indonesia...

We have no choice, and instead should look forward to this Asian future. Have we been well-served by countries such as the US? Think of the Ugg boot saga, misappropriating our heritage. We've been screwed over quite royally by the Yanks, many times over many years. So we owe them nothing.


I agree everything is made in the Asian Countries these days. One has no choice until local manufacturing has a chance to start up again. However, I can not see this happening in the near future. One can't call it "made in" if it is NOT made in!

Well some people do not do their research properly about where the different cars are made or assembled. The following car brands are not made where you think they are made. Many people think that the following car brands are made in Japan, America, and China, they are not. Toyota, Honda, Isuzu, Mitsubishi, Mazda, Nissan, Suzuki, Ford and MG are built in Thailand whilst BMW and Mercedes are assembled in Thailand use imported parts. So you are not even right about MG being built in China. At the moment the only car manufacturer in China is Great Wall and there is talk of that even being built in Thailand in the near future. MG is owned by a Chinese company but the cars are built in Thailand, Toyota, Honda, Isuzu, Mitsubishi, Mazda, Nissan and Suzuki are Japanese Companies but their cars are built in Thailand. The Ford Ranger is built in Thailand and all the small cars are re-badged Mazda's under license. Thailand is the largest car manufacturing country in Asia.

As for the Chinese vaccines, there has not been the major side effects from Sinovac the same as AstraZenica, Johnson & Johnson and Pfizer

Yes, Russell, I'm aware that vehicles are manufactured all over the place, hence quality is pretty much the same everywhere nowadays. Some still come from Japan. A couple of Honda models have been imported from the UK, but that plant is closing in July.

Incorrect Russell, the different models from Toyota, Honda, Isuzu, Mitsubishi, Mazda, Nissan, Suzuki, Ford and MG, Skoda are not all manufactured in Thailand, even different models of Audi, Volkswagen BMW and Mercedes are not all manufactured or assembled only in Thailand, all the vehicles different models are manufactured in various countries.

Check the list of cars manufactured in the UK, more than 1.6 million cars were produced there in the first 11 months of 2016 and almost four fifths (78%) were exported, so if the Brits can make cars, why can't we in Australia do the same, why, because our politicians are licking China's Communist Party  Central Committee leaders ar**ses.


Some of the UK plants are closing. Australia USED to build cars but they became too expensive and the people bought the cars that they could afford and unless Australia can build cars to compete with the cars that are imported into Australia then there never will be anymore cars built in Australia because the Australian standard of living is too high and the wages are too high so the prices are to high to compete with many Asian countries and that is what is happening even in the UK there will be more vehicle manufacturing plants in the UK close and move the whole thing to Asia. I did not list every model that is built in Thailand because the list would be endless, all I listed was the car manufacturing companies that were manufacturing cars in Thailand. I did not say that ALL their cars were manufactured in Thailand

Russell,  a major reason that manufacturers are closing their UK factories is that with the UK leaving the EU, they are now subjected to tariffs on import into Europe.  Trade agreements between several Asian countries and the EU mean that it is now cheaper for them to build in SE Asia than the UK.

Everyone is finding it cheaper to manufacture in Asia. Even Harley Davidson has now started manufacturing bikes in Thailand. Many people claimed that Harley Davidson would never move out of America but they have and now only 2 years ago they started building bikes in Thailand. Even China is looking into moving the building of the Great Wall cars to Thailand in the not to distant future.


I decided to boycott Chinese products quite some time ago.  Not just because of the Covid fiasco, but mainly because of the Chinese relentless intent to buy up all of the islands in the south pacific with a view to buying up Australia and New Zealand.  I have no doubt that is their intent and while it won't affect me in any way, I'm too old, it will have some affect on the lives of my children and grand-children.  Make no mistake, if things keep going the way they are, Aussies will be speaking Chinese in the not too distant future and will be under Chinese communist control.  They already own way too much of Australia thanks to our inept Government who is allowing it to happen.



I have to agree with you. It is a 'tightrope we are treading with China. We cannot bow to their stand over tactics, together with their aggressive  expansion policies. UN, WHO - useless organisations. My concern is that we (the rest of the world), will do exactly as they did prior to WW2 and served up half of Europe on a platter to Hitler.

As far as US is concerned, we need them, more than they need us. Whether we like it or not. 

Remember that you are supporting China when you use your computer, mobile phone, internet, mobile phone service, buy any electrical product for your home and have you bothered to check who owns the electric generation plant that your electricity is supplied from. If you are an honest person and you boycott everything to do with China then you must do away with anything that has Chinese parts in or any service that is supplied by any Chinese company otherwise you are only a hypocrite

I agree with one point, we shouldn't allow any foreigners to buy our land - lease it instead as we have to if we want to build anything in Asia.  Some rules for all!  On the other hand I do support China and Chinese products as much as I can and rather boycott products from the US and Israel.  Just look at the suffering caused by the US with all the wars they have been perpetrating on the world.  How many wars has China fought?  You are buying the mainstream media which is heavily censored as we now all begin to realize, and what China is being accused of is exactly what we ourselves have been doing - by we, I mean the US and allies.  We are the true bullies in the world wanting to force our form of government on others and exploiting countries for our own gain.  Looking at the history China is a peaceful nation but is only now starting to assert itself being faced with US aggression, encircled by US military bases and economic and cyberwarfare.  China spends less than a third on military expenditure than the US and is no threat to the world - but they will defend themselves as we all would.  Australia needs to disengage from the US orbit and assert an independent foreign policy based on the rule of law and diplomacy.  Otherwise we will soon find ourselves involved in another loosing war fighting for what?



China has attacked our economy in many ways. In the school yard this would be called bullying.

The normal person here can do very little about this EXCEPT when buying goods at the shops.   I agree that the Greatwall cars/suv's are cheaper that other brands but I will not knowingly give my money to China whilst they think it is a great lark to pick on, and openly threaten, a much smaller nation.

WHY WHY WHY would anyone support the communist government by giving them their hard earned cash?

Rather than buy Chinese products, I have looked a bit harder and found nearly the same thing from India or Bangladesh or Thailand etc.

There are exceptions of course.  I am forced to buy Chinese made sandwich bags, alfoil and cling wrap at the supermarkets because I cannot find any that are made elsewhere.




Chinese cars are made from Australian iron ore, they buy our iron ore we buy their cars.

They have not put any tariff's on our iron ore. Why do you think that is? They could buy iron ore from other countries.


Maybe because we have high quality iron ore that they want so they don't dare put tariff's on it like they did with wine and barley etc.

"Which car is made in China?", should not be asked, the question should be, "Which countries in the world manufacture every model of all the cars in the world."
Many more countries other than China manufacture every model of every car we buy, even different models with the major companies own logos/badges are made in different companies, information in the link:-


A question is, Is buying a Chinese made automobile supporting a despotic dictatorship that rules it's population through fear and intimidation, or is it giving job opportunities to millions of (by our standards) impoverished Chinese citizens that may otherwise be living a subsistence existence in poor farming regions?

On our metric, they may be poorly paid, but in their local economy, they are well paying jobs.

In turn as a society increases it's personal wealth, they move up socio-economically and could well rise to cause the fall of the ruling Committees.

From the commercial point of view, it's a wonder at all that they are bothering to feed the Australian market.  In sales numbers, the total annual sales of some of these cars will represent less than a months production from some factories (when Honda were selling the British built Civic Hatch in Australia, our total local sales were less than a weeks production from the Swindon factory).

An objective look at a lot of the first generations of the Chinese sourced vehicles found them to be under-engineered and poorly assembled.  It appears that they have learnt a lot in the past few years and there has been an evolutionary improvement in several brands.

The telling indicator will be if any brand loyalty develops and will first time buyers go back for second helpings when the time comes?

Does anyone watch Wheeler Dealers out of the US, but is a British Programme?

It seems to have got my husbands attention over the last few months since he has been ill, which I am happy to see.

Sometimes it drawers my attention!

Wheeler Dealers – the greatest tv show about cars ever (

Wheeler Dealers – the greatest tv show about cars ever

Yes, Celia, Channel 96 Rush. It has been running for a while, also American car restoration programs "Overhaulin'" and "Garage Squad" during afternoons. Trouble is, many are repeated while becomes annoying. Channel 73 runs other, similar, shows such as "Classic Restos". I enjoy them. The "Wheeler Dealers" team has split up and Edd China, the mechanic, now runs his own program.

Thanks for the info BillW41 will let husband know!   He gets so much pleasure out of that programe.


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