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Fantastic. Anyone wants to come in may and those do not want to, do not have to, but I can imagine all the great cooking smells coming from this room will make many want to come check it out.

Thank you Admins.


My favorite quick receipe is for when we have visitors or the kids over, Kebabs from home are quick and easy and fun to make, the kids get involved and you can use all kinds of meat, chicken, vegetables to cook them up on the BBQ (fat free) and a good feed everyone enjoys, we also have fruit kebabs, a little more unusual but gets the kids to enjoy their fruit when presented differently, I find with any food that is healty make it fun and they will love it.

As a treat and to save $$$ freeze cordial or fruit juice into shapes and they love them on sticks as well, saves on the pricey and expensive ice-creams etc......

I find everyone gets something they like, enjoys the food and its fun for the kids and grandkids to make it themselves while everyone enjoys each others company and its a lot cheaper than dining out


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