Setting up a container garden

I’ve been reading up on container gardening over the last week or so. As you may or may not know, container gardening is perfect for anyone who only has a small space, such as apartments, units and retirement living, in which to grow their own herbs and vegetables. I am thinking of setting one up for myself when the season is right.


I’ve found these basics to set up my container garden:

  • organic potting soil, seeds or seedlings
  • containers (buckets, pots, old ice cream containers
  • a sunny spot for your containers


And I’ve been told these are some good pointers:

  • turn the soil around the plants every few weeks so the soil remains aerated and water and nutrients are able to reach your garden
  • remove any weeds as you see them
  • add mulch regularly to conserve water, promote healthy soil, and prevent weed growth
  • give your plants organic water-soluble plant food every few weeks.


I don’t have the greenest thumb, so can anyone recommend easy-to-grow vegetables and herbs that I can grow in my container garden? So far I know I’d like basil, sage and chives, and maybe tomatoes. I’d love to hear any other suggestions for how best to manage a container garden. 

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We bought an expensive planter ($65) from Bunnings some time ago.  A long trough thing about one and a half feet deep.

Had little lluck with it apart from silverbeet.   Tomatoes did no good in it.

Will try some of the tricks that have been posted.

Those hanging tomato bags things we found useless.  Others may find OK but we threw them away.

Yes I tried the hanging tomato bags and as Radish saysm all they were good for was throwing them out

Tomatoes love seaweed foods and dynamic lifter.

Thanks for the tip Jonesy

What the heck is organic water?

If you mean rain water then it is not organic and I save it as our household water. It measures at 6.5 acid as neutral is 7.

Organic is the yuppy word of the 21st century and it is almost impossible to produce a truely organic vegie or egg or meat because insects crawl and fly around and can be ingested. Chook foods mostly contain grains from all types of plants and not stated as organic. 

No Idea what organic water is

Suppose it could be rainwater ... it has a problem that it lacks nutriments.

I saw a picture recently of Crocs (the footware) nailed to a wall and used as planters.

The Crocs were all colours as were the flowers.

Abby may be able to find it on line somewhere.

They did not look too bad but the right location would be the thing.


Why thanks SD

How cute are they ?

Thanks Abby.


I would think they were either cheap imitations or the owner had plenty of money to spare as  true crocs are over $ 60.00 dollars a pair for adults.


Yeah I only have one pair of the genuine article, the rest are the el cheapo versions.

I doubt they would be new no matter what the case.

I have to admit there was or used to be a plentiful supply of rubber thongs on the beaches here, many washed up it would seem. If you did not mind wearing different colours at the same time of course. Never seen any crocs.

The NSB converted me to crocs on one of our caravan trips as I was always losing my thongs.

I just googled "crocs as planters", a goodly display.

Take it easy.


Banana trunks are able to hold water thus a good idea to use them as containers. Cut out some holes as shown in photo, add soil, compost, etc. then plant your vegs.

A brilliant idea Gerry ... there would be a lot of nutriments inside the stem too. Must give it a try ... any easy ideas of cutting the holes in the stem ?

I usually chop mine up and put inside the compost bin with lawn-clippings and clay/soil

The last layer I put potting mix where I grow my toms.

Use a hole saw for cutting the holes Abby

Thanks Gerry :)

Will definitely give it a go after my next banana crop ...

I have a bunch bananas on the go at the moment so am keen to do it also.

I grow Oregano and mint but they can take over if not contained. I also have chives, brahmi growing.


Have also put in lebanese eggplant and they are growing like a champion. I will ne inundated with eggplant which  can be fried, roasted or used instead of lasagne sheets once fried slightly.


I have had best results growing grape or small tomatoes. No luck with larger ones.


Trying cucumbers to but they newly planted.


It gives me great delight in growing my own veg and giving excess friends.

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