Senior's tour of Europe.

I am going to England next year or early 2010 and plan to do an escorted tour of Europe by myself.
This will be my first overseas trip so I am really excited. I will be doing the tour from London and would like to travel with a seniors group. Is there anyone here who has done a trip like this? And if so, was it enjoyable and any tips would be gratefully received.


How exciting................You really do have something to look forward to. I hope people can help you and you find wonderful people to be around as you travel.

Hope you keep us up to date on your travels.

Look forward to hearing all about it re your plans and the execution of those plans and how it all turns out

All the very best


Gday Moggy

I've travelled a bit, including a few times in UK and Europe. Both independently and in a group.

One thing I suggest you consider is how long you want to spend on one tour. One tour can do it all, but without a break it can be a bit tiring.

I'm not recommending one or the other just suggesting it as something to consider.

Also, a few days on your own, maybe at the end, could be very enjoyable.

hi moggy,i'm also doing an escourted tour to europe on my own starting from london,i wonder if it's the same one as you are doing,i'm a bit nervous about going but once i'm there i will be ok (i hope),i'm nearly 70 so i'm no spring chicken,

hi moggy i meant to mention that i am going in september of this year

Wendy, I am going probably August 2009. You will have to let me know all about your trip when you return. My email address is [email protected] I would really love to hear from you. I will be 64 when I travel.

Which travel company have you booked with?

Friends of mine are house swapping in England, Newark on Trent, and have asked me along too. We will be away for 2 to 3 months. They are originally from England and have seen Europe etc. so I have decided to take a trip on my own when over there. Cannot miss the opportunity.

hello moggy,i am going with trafalgar tours in september,it's a 22dayeuropean festival,we visit 10 countries so it should be interesting,i start my tour from london 7th and get back to london on the 28th then i shall go on to my relatives in different parts of england then fly back in november,as i said before i'm a bit nervous going on the tour on my own,i have been back to england 4 times so thats not a problem and yes i will let you know how everything went when i come back.


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