Senator calls for Eddie McGuire\'s resignation

Greens senator Lidia Thorpe has called on Collingwood president Eddie McGuire to resign in the wake of independent investigation uncovering a culture of 'structural racism' at the club.

"Eddie’s got to go," Ms Thorpe said. "As the head of the club, Eddie not only oversaw these issues - he’s been part of the problem.

"If we want to stamp out the rot of racism in this country, then it’s going to take real leadership from all corners of our society, including sport.

"The club has a long way to go to restore the community’s faith in their leadership.

"As a start, the board should grow a spine and get Eddie to resign."

McGuire announced earlier this year that he will be stepping down as Collingwood president at the end of this year.

Do you think Collingwood has a problem with racism? Should Eddie McGuire resign his position in the wake of the independent report?


So we have an unelected senator saying we should sack an elected official of a football club, is this the new way of democracy, it appears so, but is anyone surprised that this comes from the greens?

How rediculous this issue of being politically racist correct as become.My Wife and I came to Australia from England in 1966 and were labeled "Pommies".Did we scream and shout about it,or start racist Court actions,of course we didn't, we concentrated on building a new life for ourselves and future children in our adopted Country. Our kids are "Aussies" we are "Aussies " with Cheshire accents still.Don't be so "thin skinned" about a "nickname" get on with your Life.

I presume you are a white "Pommie" .... would have been a lot different if you were a black "Pommie."

I like Eddie as a quiz show host and although I am not a football fan...I think he is responsible for making sure the culture at Collingwood is pleasant for blacks. He is leaving anyway, so no point in sacking him.

Not a fan of Eddie but his comment that he wants to stay and clarify the position and, if necessary, clean the place up seems more sensible than listening to a politician.

For 10 years Eddie presided over a club whose culture was abhorrent to any real Australian. Unfortunately for us all, he not only presided, he participated continually in racist rants and comments against first nation Australians. He now comes out and says it's a "great day for the club".

It will ONLY EVER be a "GREAT DAY for the club" when the person who PERMITTED, ACCEPTED, ENCOURAGED AND PARTICIPATED in racial abuse at Collingwood resigns and leaves the club, FOREVER.

Eddie, wake up it's 2021 and your TIME'S UP and your type isn't Australian, "go back to where you came from".


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