Second class citizens

My husband and I voted for the Labour Government as were promised allsorts, we were misled in a big way, now it seems all of us pensioner's, both aged and Disability have been completely forgotten, it's just so unfair, why all the concern for the families on incomes of $150,000 and upwards, if they can't live quite comfortably on that amount there is something seriously wrong, they need to stop living such a high lifestyle get their priorities right instead of complaining they are doing it tough, would like to see them manage on a pensioner's wage.When we had our children we didn't receive the handouts they get today, the baby bonus is encouraging (not all) young people to have children so they can receive the lump sum, It is disgraceful struggling to live on such a low income when it's no fault of ours that we have medical problems which prevent us from working, can't turn back the clock and stop ageing. Even the Pharamcetical Allowance of $2.90 per fortnight is a bit of a farce, it's never increased for years and years, both my husband and I are on such a lot of medication therefore before we reached the safety net we had to find over a $100 to purchase the prescriptions which we can not do without each week or fortnight, I am sure there are other pensioners who's outlay is even higher that ours. Why can't the Disability Pensioner's be given the $500 utility payment like the senior pensioner's, what's the difference, we are all in the same boat, battling from week to week to make ends meet. So many people have put their trust into the Labour government to do the right thing by us, what a complete let down it has been, we are going to end up struggling more and more as the weeks go by unless something is not done about this dreadful situation soon, we are absolutely disgusted at being treat as if we are second class citizens.
Joan & Michael


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