anyone have a good reci[e for scones made with milk and cream found it once on this web site but can't find it now. Can anyone please help/ Thanks



The secret with scones is to not knead/rub or mess about with them after the wettish dough is formed.

You will only toughen them.

Basic plain scones.


Self Raising flour/ add a pinch of salt and a little bit of extra baking powder.

In your mixing bowl add a knob of butter and a little caster sugar.Cream this well until white.

Add your flour mix and rub through.

Add your milk and cream and stir through with a spoon until you have wet dough.

Flour your bench or table top WELL.

Turn out your scone mix and sprinkle flour on top. Roll lighly until about 3-4 Cms thick.

Cut with a round scone tool or simply cut into squares and place on greased baking tray.

Paint eggwash or milk or the top for a nice finish.

Cook in hottish oven for 15 ---20 mins approx.

For more tasty scones you may add to the flour before wetting the mix.

Cheese grated



Dates chopped well

Pumpkin...... cooked and mashed


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