Scam warning from a YLC member

We recently received an email asking us to pass on the following scam warning from a concerned member:

"Please warn people about a scam going on through Messenger telling you that the government is giving Covid 19 grants to anyone at the amount of $50,000. They scam a relative's Messenger tell you that the relative has received this amount and that their friends have also. The message appears under the name FedEx."

Have you seen this scam or any that are similar? What scams can you warn YLC members about?


I received two SMS's last night, one supposedly from Amazon asking me to confirm an order for 5 $2000 gift card purchases and hot on it's heels one supposedly from my bank asking me to check on this purchase at Amazon by clicking on the supplied internet link.  Rule #1 DON'T CLICK ON ANY ATTACHED LINKS. I checked my account online and there was no obvious transaction so I followed up this morning by calling my bank whereby it was confirmed these two messages were nothing but a scam.

I have had no less than 6 phone calls purporting to be from the ATO, saying my Tax File Number had been hacked. 

A criminal case had been instigated against me and (you guessed it) I had to push button 1 immediately or I could be in prison within 24 hours.

 Well what I did do was record the phone number next time I got an unknown caller. It was my Fed Agent, I then called 

the number back. It was a recording to say this number no longer existed check number call routine. Well later around tea time I got a call from a woman saying she had a missed call on her phone - my number - her number was not the one I rang however. Sounds like they are bouncing off real numbers somehow. Just be aware and check your phone bill.

I had a similar call and actually (quite deliberately) did "push button 1". I wanted to see how far they would go. I even had my responses worked pit ahead of time. Well after a bit of a wait 'button 1' picked up. A lady with an Asian accent answered. She asked for my name and number! Remember they called me! In the background I could hear small children crying...... I told her she had called me and I didn't know why. She hung-up!! Damn, I wanted to hear the threat of arrest, imprisonment, impending police arrival and a demand for thousands in payment via itunes cards!


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