Santa's Christmas.

Santa was doing his pre-christmas checks.

The naughty Elves were on strike again for more fairy floss and chocolates.

Santa checked the reindeer paddock but the door was open,three had run away, two were in season and one was lame. It was not a good day for Santa.

The sleigh had some wood rot in it so Santa phoned the chippy to come and fix it but he could not come until boxing day. Geesh this really is it a bit of a bad luck day thought the great man but I can't let the kids down.

He walked back to the house to look in the yellow pages for other tradesmen but he opened the door and saw all the smoke inside. Mrs Clause had burnt the Christmas cake.

Bugger shouted Santa....I'm going to have a stiff drink. He poured a large scotch and put his feet up. There was a knock on the door. He walked over to open it.

It was the Fairy who told him the Christmas tree has just been delivered and asked where would you like it Santa. He told the Fairy to shove the &#%!#ing tree right up his ^*+#$:ïng ?"#!$#.

To this very day because of this you will always find the Fairy on the very top of a Christmas tree.

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Yes this is a good one and just how I feel about this Xmas BS

You can come to my place and have a great time.

Music dancing food drinks and lot of presents.

Video phone calls to interstate and overseas.

Even the dogs put their party hats on.

I ignore it and it is gone the next day--I can't see any sense in going crazy for one day--when you can be in contact and eat what you like any darn day of the year--makes no sense to me

Have a happy and a safe Christmas everyone .............clay

I also wish those that do enjoy Xmas a safe and happy one too

A little story about a little boy who wanted a bike for Christmas.                                   Elroy pestered his mum [a widow' all the time for her to get him a bike, she had no money and told Elroy she just couldn';t afford one, in desperation she said, Elroy why don't you go to your room and write a letter to God to get you a bike. Elroy went to his room and started to write Dear God "I WANT A BIKE" Elroy. No that was no good so he wrote  this is Elroy, I've been a good boy can I have a bike God. Elroy didn't like that either, he got up climbed out his window and went for a walk, he came across a big cathedral and out of curiousity wandered in, his jaw dropped when he saw the various statues, he had never seen so many, he stopped at one, looked around, no one was watching. he picked it up put in his jacket and ran home, back through window into his room. Now Elroy knew exactly what he had to write to get a bike.

Dear God' I've got your mumma, if you want to see her again, get me a bike ' Elroy.

Wishing you all a peaceful Christmas and great New Year.

Plan B maybe this year you won't have to worry about Xmas at all.

According to the Mayan calendar the end of the world is 23rd  December 2012.

unfortunately it will for some.

Well Z we are striving to die to go to a better place so maybe we should start preparing for and rejoicing for the 23rd hey? Just lets hope there is a place we go,  but I am not sure as kinda think we may all be recycled lol.

Be good.

Jeepers  forgot it is the month of Christmas. We must hurry or will have to park a mile from the entrance to the shops. Lovely to see Santa in the cart riding around the shops with treats for the kids. I have to go to Harvey Norman and bribe Santa to let me sit on his knee for a photo to send to my grandkids lol.

What joy Christmas gives to children with the anticipation of Santa coming down the chimney and for some of us *Midnight Mass* which is always great.

Have a lovely Sunday folks.

I must ask


I missed this!!!   YES....

I hope I have been good enough to get a few nice presents for Christmas, but naturally, the true joy of a gift is in the giving. I hope to spread some joy and happiness this year, at least among close friends and family.

I wish a safe and happy festive season to all my fellow posters and trust that the Christmas celebrations will be happy and fulfilling for you and all your loved ones.

To you also kfchugo, all the best. and to all the other posters,

Abby!!! of course I've been good, I only hope all my children and grandchildren    realise  it also, I've pumped up the wheelbarrows' tyres ready to help carry the presents in.

Thank you for your commonsense through 2012 Mr T and I am sure you will receive heaps of nice pressies.



I pray all will posters and their loved ones will have a blessed, safe and happy Christ-mas - may some who have yet to meet Him make the acquaintance of the One who came as that Babe, who walked the earth and gave His all for us.  Greatest Christmas gift of all.  No cost to us, but to repent and believe.   Better than believing in Santa coming down the chimney - look up the chimney for Santa, end up with soot on face. :0)

Gosh! I am never good but I do like pressies ;)

So if you got any extras you know where to send them smiley

But I would like to take an opportunity to wish you all a peaceful  Christmas


Unfortunatly I've been good.... but I would like to be naughty.

The opportunites to be naughty dwindle with age so make an offer.

Seggie. The most the folk seem to really need for Christmas is to be wanted. No presents are needed. Just to be asked where would you like to go for a day. A sandwich in a park would be acceptable.

No worries re you Seggs. my good friend. You are always welcome at our house and I am sure many others but I know what you mean about "being wanted" as I know many older folk are really not wanted but invited for Christmas anyway and then spend the rest of the year waiting for their loved ones to show they care. Sad hey.

One day a year is just not enough. Not that we have to worry as never have anyone for Christmas now a days sadly.

Have a lovely Christmas folks and be sure to come back next year.

 Well  thought i'd put my  thoughts in too.

I am   happy , a bit down too  . My daughter in law and I had a falling out  a couple of years ago    . I did say to her  over the phone  "what you said to me "  , she replied with you deserved it  .  It is  very difficult . I no longer go to their house unless i'm invited .  It is  my choice  ..  She greets me with a smile  when I go visit  .

She is very pleasant  to me .  I've got to the point of I don't care anymore  .    But it still hurts  .

Have a wonderful Christmas everyone . And a happy new year


That is just so sad - imagine how your son must feel - the two women he loves are not on the best terms.

It is Christmas why don't you make a special effort and let by gones be by gones especially after all that time.

jazzylady that is so sad, if she greets you with a smile and is pleasant too she is making an effort towards you.

We so learnt from the unpleasant and autocratic way my mother-in-law spoke to all 6 of her daughter-in-laws (which is not what I am suggesting you did anyone would find it very hard to be like her) that I and my 5 sister-in-laws decided we would bite our lips rather than have our husbands and children lose contact with her. You still have a lot to give and receive as a mother/grand-parent it would be worth letting the hurt go wouldn't it?

I hope you have an enjoyable Xmas and a better New Year.

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