Santa's Christmas.

Santa was doing his pre-christmas checks.

The naughty Elves were on strike again for more fairy floss and chocolates.

Santa checked the reindeer paddock but the door was open,three had run away, two were in season and one was lame. It was not a good day for Santa.

The sleigh had some wood rot in it so Santa phoned the chippy to come and fix it but he could not come until boxing day. Geesh this really is it a bit of a bad luck day thought the great man but I can't let the kids down.

He walked back to the house to look in the yellow pages for other tradesmen but he opened the door and saw all the smoke inside. Mrs Clause had burnt the Christmas cake.

Bugger shouted Santa....I'm going to have a stiff drink. He poured a large scotch and put his feet up. There was a knock on the door. He walked over to open it.

It was the Fairy who told him the Christmas tree has just been delivered and asked where would you like it Santa. He told the Fairy to shove the &#%!#ing tree right up his ^*+#$:ïng ?"#!$#.

To this very day because of this you will always find the Fairy on the very top of a Christmas tree.

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Digital twist on the Christmas story. :0)

That is absolutely great - almost missed it - thoroughly enjoyed it.

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