Salvia Seeds (Ornamental)

Would some kind person let me know where I can obtain ornamental salvia seeds?

Thank you 


There are two varieties

perrenial and annual

If you are in a warm climate you will find they will re seed

I have White and blue in the perrenial

and the scarlet red in the annual but seeing the cold climate we are having I do have to wonder if they will re seed

If you look at the Yates web page .... they also have a chat gardener on site

Thank you, Abby.  You're an angel. :-)

Let us know how you get on :)

I will ... :-)

I used to grow Pineapple Sage (Salvia elegans) in Melbourne. I used the leaves chopped in salads. I has lovely red flowers and it can be bought as a plant.

does anyone know anything about michallias.    a small magnolia,    i planted a tree  somw 5 years ago,    i have had one large bud come out in all that time,       it is healthy,    a beautiful green,   and sprouts new leaves all the time,   but no flowers,    any advice please,   

Cats it will depend on which variety you have.  There are several Michelia varieties.

This is the instructions for one that is a small one. This one grows to about 3 metres.

Magnolia 'White Caviar' pbr

A medium size evergreen Magnolia /Michelia with glossy green, rounded foliage. This provides an attractive backdrop for its perfumed, creamy yellow, 20 cent coin size tulip like flowers which appear in Spring and Summer. Compact rounded shaped shrub.


Prefers a moist but well drained, fertile soil that is slightly acidic. They do not like ‘wet feet’ over Winter when not actively growing. A warm sunny aspect is best, though they will tolerate partial shade. Prune to shape in early Summer after flowering. We advise an annual application of good quality, pelletised organic fertiliser in Spring, and mulching and watering during drier months especially when the plant is establishing itself.


Perfect for hedging to 2m and great for planting along driveways because it responds well to clipping. Lovely planted near outdoor entertaining areas because of it fragrance. Grow in containers for a lovely clipped rounded shrub.


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