Salads & things.

On impulse to-day, I peeled and chopped up two halves of a grilled tomato..leftovers from last night....
and mixed them up in to the green salad I'd made for lunch.
It was surprisingly good to taste...but needs a nice dressing. I use balsamic vinegar and olive oil.

With the hot weather , it's good to have a little variety in salads.

Another hint for balsamic vinegar....A splash into a casserole or stew adds a nice flavour.


Koko grilled vegies or oven roasted are lovely in a salad I have them often. I use cider vinegar with a dash of sweet chili sauce for my dressing. cheers.

Sandra, thanks for your reply. You're right , I hadn't tried tomato before.

One of my favourites is char grilled capsicum, mixed through a salad, especially if has been marinating overnight in olive oil and crushed garlic. Even without the garlic if garlic isn't to one's taste.

I remember years ago before all the fancy bbq's one sees now, and we bbq'd in the back yard over an old oil drum, with firewood .....flames going up everywhere! :lol:

Imagine trying that now...but blimey..the food tasted wonderful. That was my first intro to char grilled capsicum, and they certainly were CHARRED. :lol:


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