Rudd lashes ‘dishonest and defamatory’ Daily Tele

Former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has slammed a story on the front page of the Daily Telegraph on Saturday which suggested he used his ability to speak Mandarin to woo a Chinese donor during the 2013 election.

“Today’s dishonest and defamatory headline from the Murdoch media is a further example of the politics of smear against anybody who dares stand up against (Rupert) Murdoch,” Mr Rudd responded on Facebook. “The strategy is to delegitimise the reputation of anybody who dares challenge their authority, and it’s payback politics against any Murdoch opponent.

“For the record, I received zero “cash” as alleged by Ben English, the editor of this Murdoch rag, the Daily Telegraph.

“This ‘exclusive’ story that they have run with this dishonest and defamatory headline was so sensitive that it was openly published five years ago in Bob Carr’s book. There was nothing hidden about it then and there is nothing to the story now. I have referred the matter to my lawyers.”

What do you think? Does Rupert Murdoch wield too much power in Australia?


He RULES Australia !!. Has done for some time.

Murdoch's rags a disgrace to our nation... needs to be shutdown immediately and told to stay with his puppet in the once great USA...

Murdoch media is no threat..unless..we make it so.

There are other ways to get credible news. No need to be influenced by media you don't trust.

And yet the Murdoch press supported Rudd in the 2007 election. 

Generally we are too timid to challenge the likes of Murdoch.  Not just the meek population that gets copies of his rags free at hospitals, libraries and so on, but tthe government that is able to use his dreadful rags as mouthpieces.  And his Fox in America is second-only to tweets for Donald Trump's outpourings of self-serving dishonesty.  And now he is probably going to end up with Channel 7.

This government would never dream of challenging Murdoch.  As well, he appears ot be immortal . . . 


Given that the dirty dealing was done by the NSW ALP branch and Mr Rudd is from Queensland, it is not surprising he personally may not have received funds from this Chinese donor. However, someone as well versed in the ways of the Chinese as Mr Rudd, coupled with his Chinese language skills, would have been in no doubt that the NSW ALP boss Jamie Clements had arranged this dinner/meeting at which Mr Rudd conversed in Chinese with no Australian Chinese speaking interpreter (other than that of the Chinese donor) was in fact, as alleged, a rort to extract party funding from the man in question. The Chinese benefactor would have placed a  high 'price'  on being photographed with Mr Rudd the then Prime Minister and Mr Carr the then Foreign Secretary and another Chinese stalwart supporter. You can bet the last of your pension that there was a deal done. The Chinese benefactor would never hand over $100,000 out of the goodness of his heart. The question is, what was the deal?


Pot - kettle - black comes to mind here.

After all this time and knowing what an abject failure Rudd turned out to be, does anyone really care? He is well and truly attacxhed to the public teat



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