Romans built the world's tallest artificial waterfall in 271 BC

Romans built the world's tallest artificial waterfall in 271 BC 

Cascata delle Marmore, or Marmore Falls, is a magnificent sight to behold. Water from the Velino River surges through the hills above the city of Rieti before bursting over verdant cliffs and plummeting into the valley below. The tiered waterway, surrounded by trees and greenery, looks like a fabulous force of nature.

In reality, there’s nothing natural about these falls. At 541 feet tall, this waterway is the tallest human-made waterfall in the world. It’s impressive stature is a 2,000-year-old testament to human engineering.

The Romans built Cascata delle Marmore in 271 BC. At the time, the hills were a marshy spot, full of stagnant water and disease-bearing insects. To fix the issue, a Roman consul ordered workers to construct a canal that would send the water soaring over a nearby cliff and down into the Nera River, which flowed through the valley below.


Yes Brocky,  I think the Romans -- and who ever etc -- way way long ago were smarter than we give them credit for -- there is a LOT not known or understood

Anybody who has seen the Aquaducts the Romans built cannot help but be impressed.  Amazing structures and not just one of them either.

I have put Rieti on our list to see next year.  Only a short deviation from our intended route.  Not sure there will be much anything other than the falls but they look like they are worth the visit.

Thanks Brocky.

Who doesn't give the Romans credit PlanB. They were one of the most intelligent and ingenuios civilisations.

I am awe of the old civilisations and their achievements. At least they wrote on stone. We store information on computers so if our civilization collapses how will anyone know what our world achieved in 2000 years from now.

It’ll be fine 

Just watch Planet of tne Apes 


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