Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race 2015


Where the hell did this yacht Comanche come from?  I have never seen a start like this, dominated by such a lead.  If I were the skipper of Loyal, I would be taking time out to do some keel hauling.

Here is a link to the tracker

Which is interactive

3 yachts retired with damage already.

Yes they were Ark323; Cougar II; Lupa of London.

With the two US boats in front


It is sad to see Wild Oats pull out.  BUT Rambler & Comanche are both in front of Wild Oats at this time in 2012.  If the weather moves a few degrees to the East, we could see a new record.

There is no longer any chance of breaking the record this year.

Comanche and Rambler remain in front

with Massarati and Ragamuffin 100

some 60 nautical miles behind them.

Ragamuffin's skipper, now 86 years old,

Syd Fischer  equals the record for the oldest skipper in the Hobart race,  set by John Walker (Impeccable) in 2008.


Was very lucky to be able to see the finish of the 2014 race in Hobart, this year have to watch the excitment on TV and exciting it is too!

Glad you guys  were following the race. Saw the start in Sydney. 

Gotta tell you Comanche was a dream to behold, hope they enter the race again next year.

We now have one of the greatest Yachting events in the World.  Comanche is something else.  I can't even imagine what she cost to build.  It would have to be over $20M.  It is a pity that the cost of professional crew means that there are only 3 or 4 boats that have any chance of line honours.  A set of sails for the Hobart race for 1 of the top contenders would set the owner back around $500K.  It makes you realise what Syd Fisher achieved with a team of the best amateurs in Australia

You should have seen Comanche cut through the water mate, a sight to behold.


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