Road Laws.

Talking about the overtaking lane where two lanes become one.

As far as I know this is the only country in the world to give the overtaking often speeding driver the right of way over a person doing the speed limit. Many times I have had to slow down to let people breaking the limit get in front of me.

The sign says left lane ends merge right. How can the left lane end is the road?

I've driven in UK,USA,Japan,France,Ireland and South Africa and the rules are the opposite to here. The overtaker is and should be the one to give way. The way it is here is stupid.


what about the stupid rule that says that when you are overtaking a truck doing 97 km/h on the open road, you are speeding if you exceed 100k's to pass.  It is apparently much safer to travel 2 ks on the wrong side of the road than do 105ks for a few hundred metres.

If drivers were considerate if they were being overtaken--and doing the speed limit--they would slow down to allow the other to overtake rather than them have to break the limit--this is what I always do.

This is all so silly.Surely the first consideration should be to avoid a collision.This is where common sense comes into play.

Yes slapsy common sense should always come into play no matter who is right or wrong--however there do have to be rules

I find it's much better to give way and stay alive than try to cut some idiot off and be injured or at worse, dead.......common sense really.  I always drive by the rules (well almost LOL) but using common sense has saved my life or someone elses on three ocassions that I'm aware of, in one case was two children on bikes, another one was a biker who lost control of his bike and slid in front of me through an intersection, he was so close to me I couldn't see the back wheel of his bike beyond the bonnet of my car, I managed to steer around him, the other one, which sends shivers up my spine when I think of it, (even more so than the girls on bikes)  I was sitting at a T junction waiting to turn left, in the lane to my right, waiting to turn right, was a big truck with sea containers on the back, obviously I couldn't see the road or intersection to my right, (behind me was my boss also wanting to turn left LOL) I got the green arrow, at this point, if I just went by the rules I would have taken off but something inside told me things weren't as they should be, the truck on my right still had a red arrow which was correct but my green arrow was getting greener and greener while I was contemplating why I was feeling the way I was, at that point  a huge B Double went flying through a red light, had of I gone when I should have I certainly wouldn't be typing this now.  I'm glad common sense prevailed on that day.  When I got to work the next morning my boss told me I was so lucky to be there and asked why I hadn't gone, I just told her it didn't seem right.      I am also blessed with quick reflexes that have helped me over the years.

Lucky lucky you and thank heavens too Deanna


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