Retro VeeDub 5th wheeler caravan!

Alright - so you reckon you've seen it all? Then, what do you reckon about this retro VeeDub (Beetle) 5th wheel caravan??

The mind boggles at what kind of speed a Beetle could keep up, pulling a 5th wheeler caravan. My memories of Beetles is that they're struggling to keep up anything more than about 80kmh uphill, empty - let alone pulling a caravan!

Then there's the engineered strength question of that dubious-looking, gutter-mount towbar!

God knows how they found a way to mount that, and have it cope with heavy braking stresses, bumpy roads, and general towing stress.

All our towbars have to meet strict engineering codes, and be bolted securely to chassis' and rear subframes, and often reinforced! I reckon the idea wouldn't even rate a second look by traffic authorities in Australia!


The van is an eggshell and so is the car.

One passing truck and call the undertaker.

Even unladen it uses the fuel of a light truck.  But the weight limits wouldn't allow for more than Speedos, a small bottle of Coke and a small packet of biscuits (shared).  Some holiday.

Darn silly a VW would not be able to pull that


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