\'Retiree tax\' formally dumped

The 'retiree tax' that burst Labor's bubble of forming government after the 2020 federal election has been dumped.

Party leader Anthony Albanese announced the decision as he prepares for a possible early election in the second half of 2021, Nine reports.

Labor had planned to abolish franking credit refunds for people who paid no tax, raising $6 billion a year, but it was not well received by sections of the community.

"I can confirm that Labor has heard that message clearly and that we will not be taking any changes to franking credits to the next election," Mr Albanese told party faithful.

He has also vowed to ramp up personal attacks on Prime Minister Scott Morrison, labelling him "a man who stands for nothing except advertising campaigns, selfies and favours for Liberal mates".

Mr Albanese said the party's policy rollout would step up in coming months and its platform would be formally settled at a national conference on 30-31 March.

Have you been impressed by the bipartisanship shown during the pandemic? Is that all about to change?


Not a “retiree” tax please try to use balanced language in your articles - very few of the people who this potentially impacted are genuine retirees - as a tax payer it is disgusting that this payment for nothing continues yet jobseeker gets cut, pensions stay below poverty line and the deeming rate used by Government that really does impact on retirees does not reflect reality of 0% interest.

Whoever wins the next election needs to focus on people, not ideology. Australia is one of the richest countries in the world yet our leaders are content, even happy, to leave a large number of Australians living in poverty. We are failing our young, leaving them with uncertain futures, and our older Australians who often lack sufficient money to enjoy decent accommodation and sufficient food. Our economy, by and large, is dependent on selling off our assets, often to countries that hold us in contempt (China!). We used to be a great manufacturing country, innovative in ideas and creative at work. Not now, its hard to find anything made in Australia in our stores. All civilisations come to an end and maybe its time for the great Western dream of democracy to reach its end as well. What will come after it will probably be created by our grandchildren, whose future lives matter little to those currently in power.

Totally agree with you.

Ending franking credit money for nothing was a good policy. All we see now is a greater divide.

Oh well Austtalia, don’t complain, it’s what you voted for.

When facts are unavailable, attack the character of the person. Labor has no answer to the policies of the government so they choose to attack the character of the PM. Telling us that the franking credit policy will be dropped is all well and good but I'm reminded of those fateful words; "There will be no carbon tax under a government I lead"

I will be having aa stamp made which reads


Which I will use to stamp my voting paper, I am over the bloody lot of them


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