Reporting Employment Income

The new way of reporting income is ridiculously hard. I am on the Disability Support Payment and work between 10-15 hours every 2nd week. My reporting date is in the middle of the fortnight that I receive money from my employer. I have to declare earnings that I have not yet been paid, in order to allow me to report. . I am also one of the Robodebt casualties so am doubly concerned about reporting in case I am again, wrongly accused of under reporting. Surely there is a better way. Does anyone else have this problem? Can anyone offer a suggestion?


This new way of reporting is supposed to stop any Robodebt type stuff from happening in the future. Now, rather than try and work out what you earned in the Centrelink pay period, you report the gross amount you were actually paid for in the Centrelink pay period. Soon Single Touch Payroll will come and then your employer will send that info direct to Centrelink for you.

Thank you

good point Mc daddy, sooner the better, I have to report on my wife she has three low paid jobs. Its a nightmare. They went from bad to worse, and will complain and call people cheats when honest mistakes are made.


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