Relying on free travel insurance through credit cards

Have always had my doubts about how effective this would insurance through credit cards and now I know.

We have had in the last few days the story of a little girl who was found at the bottom of pool in Bali.

Parents thought they were covered but found out to their cost that due to a "technicality" they were not.  No idea what that means. I would suggest the insurance company found a loophole as they usually try to do.

However, the general public came to the rescue and stumped up over $85,000 which enable the parents to get a special care flight aircraft to bring their little girl to Perth for treatement.  She is still in a coma to the best of my knowledge.

Honestly, I do not know why people do not take more care in ensuring they are adequately covered when going overseas. Relying on the general public through GO FUND ME etc is not the answer.


The little girl Kaya is still in a coma, and as of yesterday all tests show that she

has not responses and is brain dead, and the parents sadly are know making the

agonising decision to turn off her liefe support.    Perhaps IF they had had better

medical help in Bali or the Insurance had not knocked them back and she could have 

got back to Perth sooner who knows if the outcome would have been more favourable....?

I would only ever take out reputable insurance that I know has worked well before.

I guess you have to make sure you know for what you are covered. Over the last decade I had to use my 'free' credit card insurance twice while overseas and never had any problems. My claim was assessed speedily and settled once for health and the other time for 'Act of God' travel delay by over a week. Of course you need your receipts etc.

The issue with the insurance obtained through use of the credit card was that the credit card was cancelled (unclear by whom). This clearly then negated any insurance the family may have had. 

Given the parents were actually working overseas, I would have hoped that they would have ensured they had sufficient coverage to this into account. Obviously they didn't.

Once again Australian's are being asked to fork out for another Australian injured overseas through their own carelessness (in this case the parent's are at fault not the child). Sad as this story may be, it could so easily have been avoided.

If that is the case then the insurance company was not in any way at fault.

I totally agree with you KSS you MUST make sure you are adequately covered when you travel and also be truthful when you take out the insurance.   No leaving out things because as sure as God made little apples if you lie you will be found out and the insurance company always looks for loopholes to avoid paying.

For a couple of hundred dollars they could have been  covered.

The little girl is brain dead and the parents now have the heartwrenching decision to turn off life support.   Perhaps through their grief they may decide to be organ donors and save another life or lives.


ALwyas had excellent service from my C Card insurance. I think its through Zurich, a highly reputable insurer.

Only had to claim a couple of times for medical expense once and a lost item which I forgetfully lleft on board a flight.

I have always travelled with credit card insurance but have not had to make a claim to date. Have read all the blurb they send you though and can't fault it really. It appears to be good cover.

I don't know if all realise it but there are age restrictions with credit card travel insurance and the cover (with NAB anyway) only starts from the time you leave your home for the airport.

No good for us.  We are booked 6 months out from our cruise and we want cover in case anything happens before the departure date.  Last cruise we cancelled due to the flu a week before;  we would not have got a cent if we had relied on credit card insurance through NAB

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As far as travel isurance goes, we have always used credit card insurance and it was really only tested when we were in Europe ready to go home and all flights were cancelled for a week because of the volcano erupting in Iceland. The insurance paid everything -we were told to check into a hotel of our choice. We were in Venice and of course, the hotels ramped up the prices but we found a good little pension although I saw many tourists off the same ship as ours heading for the flashest hotels. Everything was paid, no questions, and we said what our food costs per day were on average. All paid. No fuss. Zurich Insurance although they changed to QBE.


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