Red Cross launches appeal to support NSW floods recovery

Australian Red Cross has launched an appeal for funds to assist people affected by the NSW floods.

Red Cross volunteers and staff have been providing psychological first aid and support to thousands of people since the start of the disaster. They are currently working in 13 evacuation centres in flood affected areas in NSW.

Dependent on ongoing needs assessment, and amount raised, support could include disaster relief (including practical and financial assistance) and supporting people and communities to recover and build resilience to disasters.

"We're committed to helping those affected by this disaster, whether that be through recovery programs, psychological first aid or by reuniting them with loved ones through Register.Find.Reunite," Red Cross NSW Director Poppy Brown said.

"These floods have already affected thousands of people - it's likely that will increase in the coming days. We don't yet know the full extent of the impact of this disaster, but we do know that people's needs are great.

"We've seen how much the generosity of Australians can help those affected by bushfires in their recovery. We're now asking for people to help us support those affected by this extraordinary disaster."

Red Cross volunteers will remain in evacuation centres across the state as needed.

"We advise people to take advantage of the support that's available, including at evacuation centres, recovery hubs and during outreach activities over the coming weeks," Ms Brown said.

Donations can be made by visiting

Red Cross also has information at about cleaning up after a flood and talking to children after emergencies.



FAIR GO, you mongrels only want to take your share.

None of all the charities will get anything out of me ever again.....They are manipulators like politicians..... F..k them all !

What worries me about an appeal such as this is what has happened to the bushfire money and will the same happen to the proposed flood money. We read that some groups, including the Red Cross, are holding back bushfire donations for "future events". Those who donated money assumed that their donations were to be used immediately, not banked for the future.

Yes the Australian public are not stupid. everyone feels the same, let them use the money they are saving for "another event'' it's here now!

If we had a national disaster fund set up by the inept Federal Govt, who apparently spend their time with sexcapades and waste million$ it would stop the need to bleed the long suffering tax payer most of whom are still struggling with the Covid disaster.

I agree 100% with Sue Ridge and baza

I don't mind donating to the Red Cross or Vinnies but it will be clothing and unused furniture. We never hear where the money goes. 

The Red Cross have an enormous amount of donated money in their coffers which was for the latest raging bush-fires victims, and I remember their management scum-bag comment, "We have to pay our staff who work for Red Cross."

I dislike beggars, tin-rattlers, door-knockers and shopping centre collectors for one or other cause.

Ditto Mak

You'd have to be joking.

Why would none in their right mind give to the RED CROSS. They kept the bulk of the fire victims money. 


Red Cross and the like, give, give, give, I will give, I give them the 'Up Yours'  finger wave.

The other irksome situation are 'volunteers', the SES, Firies for instance, should be government-paid instead of the wasted $$$$$$$ Billions by governments on ridiculous projects, do the overpaid managers of Red Cross allgo plus send all their staff  to help flood & bush fire victims.


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