Record number of Illegals arrive

With the arrival of the 61st boat in 5 months of this year we have surpassed the total of arrivals of illegal immigrants for the whole of 2009, with sightings of several more boats on the way.

As of May 18th we have had 4890 invaders on 104 boats in the financial year 2009--10. Since the freeze on SriLankans and Afghanis another 22 boats have arrived carrying almost 1000 people.

The number of staff on Christmas Island has grown from 20 in 2008 to more than 356 today.

Now that's something for the Labor fans to be proud of and yet another failure of the Rudd government, and will be (hopefully) the final nail in Labor's coffin.


About time we started towing them back I think, before we know it our country will be like the one they are running from.

Yet Christmas Island was described as a white elephant by Labor when in Opposition.

Haven't heard that statement retracted yet.

Whatever the cost.......(discussed in another thread, only the amount is disputed or in reality unknown), .......nearly 3 years into the first term of this govt, 99% of their policies have become farce.

Had they kept Howard's solution to the boats, imagine how much money would be available for housing the homeless for example, and housing for the Aborigines.

Aboriginal housing is now housing these illegals many of whom are Muslim who will not assimilate into society and proud of it. The Sri Lankans - well India has welcomed them as citizens into the area only a few miles by boat and housing them and a job. But here they get a house plus no job but a welfare cheque so must be that that is the incentive!

I do hope the swinging voters realise how stupid they have been and that they jumped out of the frying pan right into the fire of debt and deficit and a right old mess with Rudd, who was inexperienced along with his off siders. Julia G who lots love see thread on this forum - and hope will now take over - as even Labor lovers have lost faith in Rudd and his broken promises - must also be into denial that she has made a right muck up of her own portfolios. So she won't be any better as PM.

In fact that they don't have anyone who can be. Well could always ask Hockey if he would have to jump ship but he has turned out this week to be a bit of a sad sack in that he hummed and hashed his reply speech at the Press Club and turned the hard yards over to Andrew Robb to face the left leaning media circus ready to slit throats and try to rebound Labor's looming election loss.

Joh Howard quietly turned back the boats at sea and those media hounds didnt even find that out or would have bayed and cried about human rights which always means that the host nations rights are second to any other incomers rights -


Big Val did you happen to watch the recent 'Insight' program on SBS about the population increase in Aus?

What a farce the show was. The audience was predominately foreigners of all colours and race who are quite happy for our population to near 50million! They claimed that immigration increases productivity and started comparing our country etc to England, conveniently overlooking our inhospitable dead centre. Dick Smith battled in vain trying to explain how our infrastructure cant sustain many more people. One idiot, from god knows where, suggested decentralization, but wouldn't live out in the bush when asked.

PlanB, turning the boats back (as suggested by Pauline Hanson) is not the answer because they would simply scuttle their boats alongside our warships, compelling us to rescue them.

The only way is to deter them leaving as John Howard did, but Rudd doesn't have the stomach (or backbone) for it.

I dont know if anyone else received this email, and at the risk of being labelled racist what do you think? I think they are right.

*Subject:* Fw: How can anyone not agree with the following, can you believe the National Anthem bit. We are being treated like idiots....

Our Australia


I immigrated to Australia just over 45 years ago - On the ship there were Poms, Italians, Yugoslavs and Greeks, all European people, all looking forward to starting a new life in Australia. I arrived with 42 pounds in my pocket and that's all I had to my name. Did I put my hand out? Of course not - I got a job and paid my way just like everyone else who came to this country back then.

Now, it's my taxes that subsidize these people who think they have Gods given right (read Allah) to come here and criticize those of us who have worked for the country we now call home.

If I didn't like what I saw when I got here I would have gone home, they have the same option. If they don't want to become an Australian, they can GO BACK TO WHERE THEY CAME FROM WE DON'T NEED THEM HERE!!! *

When will this stop? They want two of their own public holidays, because Christians have

Christmas, Easter & Good Friday, They force our children to eat Halal Meat Pies and

Sausage Rolls from the school canteens, so the Muslim kids can feel more Aussie,

we were not consulted about this change; they went ahead and just did it. Our foods

are slowly all becoming Halal foods, our Bega cheeses, Cadbury chocolates even

good old Sanitarium foods show the Halal logo.

Our Government is ALLOWING this to happen; it has to stop now, while we still have some

people power to be able to stop it.

I am sorry, but after hearing they want to sing the National Anthem in Arabic - enough is enough. Nowhere or at no other time in our nation's history, did they sing it in Italian, Japanese, Polish, Irish (Celtic), German, Portuguese, Greek, or any other language because of immigration. It was written in English, and should be sung word for word the way it was written.

The news broadcasts even gave the translation -- not even close.

I am not sorry if this offends anyone, but this is MY COUNTRY – IF IT IS YOUR COUNTRY

SPEAK UP ----and please pass this along.

I am not against immigration -- just come through like everyone else. Get a sponsor; have a place to lay your head; have a job; pay your taxes, live by the rules AND LEARN THE LANGUAGE as all other immigrants have in the past -- and LONG LIVE Australia!

PART OF THE PROBLEM. Think about this: If you don't want to forward this for fear of offending someone-----YOU'RE PART OF THE PROBLEM

Will we still have our Country of Choice and still be Australian if we continue to make the changes forced on us by the people from other countries who have come to live in Australia because it is their Country of Choice? And by our politicians who are allowing this to happen.


It is Time for Australia to Speak up. If you agree -- pass this along; if you don't agree -- delete it!

Tanwin I agree with all you have posted and have said it for ages--and yes I will pass it on and if I offend then too bad!

The above email is all over the internet.

Here is one person's reply :-

Firstly, to Dr Earnest Taylor. You’re retired and are presumably in receipt of an old age pension meaning my there’s a good chance that my taxes are paying for you. I have a cousin who is the daughter of a European immigrant living in government housing in Manly, my taxes also pay for her. And before you say how you worked hard all your life and deserve a pension know this, I will also work hard all my life but when it comes time for me to retire I won’t be getting a government pension. No sir, I have to save for my retirement by contributing part of my salary to a super fund. Seems to me you were happy to pay for all the “Australian” doll bludgers which have made up about 4% to 7% of the Australian population for decades, but it’s a different story if there name is Amed or Mohamed. Of course, the ones that do find employment are accused of “stealing our jobs” which is ironic since they’re often jobs that no one else want or jobs they have created themselves.

When the Europeans came to Australia do you think they were happy with lamb roast, meat pies and fish & chips? No sir, they were not. They introduced their own foods and opened restaurants all without asking anyone’s permission. The end result is a wide variety of foods available but a struggle to find a take away that still makes a good fish & chips. You’re worried about halal foods but I wonder if you even know what halal is…or if you’ve even realised that the only difference between the Bega cheeses and Cadbury chocolates with halal logos and the Bega cheeses and Cadbury chocolates without halal logos is the halal logo itself. As for the meat pies, the only difference is the way the cow is slaughtered and chances are the manufacturer of said pies just slapped a halal label on the packet to keep everyone happy.

In Australia we have public holidays for Xmas, Boxing Day, New Years Day, Australia Day, Good Friday, Easter, ANZAC Day, The Queen’s Birthday (and it’s not even her birthday), Labour Day, we even have a holiday for banks. Public holidays are an Australian way of life and are as Australian as Football, meat pies and kangaroos (but not Holden cars because they’re owned by an American company and most of the model line up are made in Korea). And you’re complaining because they (the Muslim community) want all Australians to have an extra 2 public holiday. I bet you wouldn’t be complaining if the Chinese community wanted Chinese New Year as a public holiday and I’m betting the Chinese community are now thinking “why didn’t we think of asking for a public holiday?” Now I’m betting that most Australians would be stoked at the idea of more public holidays though corporate Australia (you know, the ones that control the media) might have something to say on the matter.

“If you don’t want to become Australian they can go back to where they came from” sounds very familiar. Didn’t Australians say something similar when all the Europeans came over? And again when all the Asians came over? What? Go back to that war torn Middle Eastern country that’s in the state it’s in because the “Western World” has been meddling in their affairs for centuries? And if all the European’s that migrated to Australia learnt English then perhaps you can answer this. Why do all the major banks in Australia have brochures available in Italian, Greek, Cantonese, Vietnamese, Polish, German, Arabic etc when according to your statement all these people are literate in English? As for the Australian Anthem being sung in English only, I’ll give you that one Doc.

I consider myself lucky to live in Australia (even though I was born here without any say in the matter) because Australia is a country rich in cultural diversity. Australia is a country of tolerance and understanding (except for a small minority, but thankfully Pauline Hanson immigrated to the UK). Australia is a country where everyone is given a fair go. Australia is a country that embraces change and leads the world by example.

To all the people who have read Dr Earnest Taylor’s email below and are thinking “yeah, this “Doctor” knows what he’s talking about and he’s right”. How many of you have visited China Town in Sydney or the German town of Hahndorf in South Australia or any other such “Australian” cities and towns? None of which would exist without Australians adapting to the needs of its immigrants. How many Middle Eastern people (Muslim or otherwise) have you actually made the effort and taken the time to get to know?

When the Europeans came to Australia, Australia changed and the Europeans became Australian.

When the Asians came to Australia, Australia changed and the Asians became Australian.

Now the Middle Easterners are coming to Australia and again, Australia will change and the Middle Easterners will become Australian.

Both Australians and immigrants must adapt now as they have in the past. There are 2 “C” words that apply here, collaborate and compromise.

We all have a choice. We can embrace change and accept the richness of diversity. We can learn tolerance and develop understanding. We can have patients and show kindness so those new to our country have a chance. We can show the world it is possible that every nationality, race and creed can be mates. This is the choice I have made and the choice I ask all fellow Australians to make.

Or we can cling to the past and stagnate. Promote fear and distrust. Show cruelty by kicking out those who came here seeking sanctuary. Follow the rest of the world on a path of war and self destruction. This is the choice Dr Earnest Taylor is asking you to make. This is also the choice Pauline Hanson made. This is also the choice Adolph Hitler made. This is also the choice George W Bush made.

[i]The rest is too long to post.[/i]

Seggie. Hello Fwed. I have absolutely nothing against people coming to Australia provided they do it the right way. I guess this is the crunch. It's no wonder, probably they would all want to live here and after seeing the conditions most live under, who can blame them. But what I would like to know, does it really cost an enormous amount of cash to get here? I heard it was about $50,000 to the owners of those awful boats. So where do they get that from? And tell me, why is it mostly men who get here. Do they leave their wives, etc. home to face all their problems? Maybe some women arrive and of course some children but it's a rare sight (to me anyway) to see women on board. Yes, Fwed, been to the Barosssa Valley, Chinatown, etc. also Singapore and Hong Kong. We didn't keep to the main cities and we explored their countryside. Appalling conditions I'm sad to say and did any of you end up watching 'Love, Sweat and Takeaways'? I would have loved to be able to bring in some of those poor folk who work in order to keep their families going and only see their children every so often. Darn those men who keep coming here. Bring out those poor women and children. Another thing. I used to love mixed grills, etc. but guess what. We met Greek and Italian folk in the 'old' days and made friends. The Italian way of making chicken soup is out of this world. And adore Souvlakia, pastas of any type, chickpeas, hommus, cappuccino. They did assimilate though which sad to say, many other races don't. I'm off for fish and chips from a Greek shop. Then cappuccino from an Italian cafe.

They did assimilate though which sad to say, many other races don’t.


Yes Seggie I also agree with this and I treat others the way they treat me--I am NOT racist at all but boy when I see and hear some things that are stated from some groups I wish they weren't here.

Yes I watched that "Blood Sweat and takeaways" a very good show--I missed the 1st one--and I was appalled but not at all surprised--how I feel for the poor souls in those conditions and the way they are expected to work for so little and in such awful conditions--and all because the BIG cooperations make money from them. Very hard to buy anything made here--because they all go off shore and pay cheap wages but no one benifits except them.

Thats another reason that WE need to keep OUR standard of living here--or else we will end up the same

THE federal government knew a boat leaving Indonesia was in peril before it disappeared with more than 100 asylum seekers trying to reach Australia.

Frantic relatives have not heard from the missing for more than seven months and are demanding to know how a boat could vanish with the Australian and Indonesian governments aware of its existence.


The govt has known about this for seven months.

Why have we heard nothing since?

Had this happened in Howard's time you can bet the papers would be full of it. But article and that's it.

To-day this:

SENIOR government officials have privately conceded that a refugee boat that disappeared late last year en route to Australia probably sank, resulting in the loss of more than 100 men, women and children.


So if the govt has it's way, people will continue to risk their lives to try and get here. I wonder how many more there have been that no-one will ever know about. Very sad.


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