Really good hint.You will be excited if you read it nah nobody will respond though

I just wanted to share how easy it to start a vegie. patch if not into, or unable to dig, buy some lucerne hay in a large round bale and put it in the spot you want to grow vegies. then make some depressions in the lucerne, fill them with good quality potting mix and plant your seedlings. The plants grew like crazy as the lucerne feeds and mulches as it breaks down. 12 months later, the Lucerne has turned into beautiful rich soil that you can plant straight into.


Now that sounds a good way to get Veggies going.

^5 Vivity.  Replies are very nice. This year  my cute husband planted spinach in big pots but it has all gone to seed so very disappointed. I will NOT have muscles like Popeye this year.

My daughter and sister have had those big raised tank thingies put in their back gardenswhich are self watering only need fill up with water once a week so are self watering. Added bonus not having to get on hands and knees to do any weeding. They are so productive they can give veggies away...... So impressed On my want list when I move and they don't take a lot of room up either so small garden possible just have to sell house and down size to get the money ' cos they are not cheap unfortunately.

Thanks Phyl - similar to the Esther Dean No Dig Garden, which is what I have.  I will give this a go, because it is simpler than the one I have, which is layered, newspaper at bottom, then manure. then lucerne, then manure again etc.  As many layers as you like.  You can even make this on concrete.  Your suggestion would probably be the same, but much easier than the Esther Dean method.

Good luck with the vegies.

Newspaper at the bottom is good as it kills weeds which otherwise invade from bottom, it also helps to retain moisture in your garden patch. Manure assists to decompose lucerne faster as well as fertilizing your patch.

I would like to know more about the tank thingies?

I presume you are talking about a raised garden bed edge which you can go and buy at bunnings or if you have an old water tank you can cut it up and use it same as the bought one.

You can also build a garden edge with rocks, timber or retaining wall stones.

Raised garden beds are useful for people who are wheelchair bound. Also you get to contol your soil quality especially if you are near sea where it is salty.

For filling I do

2 layers of the following

1. newspapers (6 sheet thickness)

2. sprinkle of water crystals,

3. half bale lucerne and

4. a sprinle of manure/slow release fertilizer.

On top of this I put 10 cm of soil/potting mix to get the seedlings started.

thanks for that

My pleasure :)

thanks a lot for putting this up Abby....Ihave taken note.   :)


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