Question time in federal parliament is, objectively, an abomination and Tony Smith has finally taken aim at the prime minister and senior colleagues

The Speaker snapped in question time – what took him so bloody long



This speaker really got it right

I have seen Question Time on T.V. on a number of occasions and am disgusted to watch fully grown men carrying on like a bunch of nasty school boys. It is about time the Speaker Tony Smith has come down on the Prime Minister and senior colleagues who continually interject while the others are speaking. I would have some of them thrown out until they can behave decently.

Yes I agree with you HOLA,  it is a rort the way they carry on and with all those Dorothy Dix questions asked by THEIR own members to take away any question asked from the other side --there need to be questions asked from the PUBLIC and IMO if they don't answer have a strong cattle prod for them.


Smith is a good speaker and he doesn't show any favorites -- even though he is a Liberal but boy he got stuck into Morrison yesterday.

How anyone can have any time for Morrison I do NOT KNOW.

He seems to enjoy the title "The Messiah from the Shire", I call him "The Liar from the Shire".  


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