Qantas confirm ban on unvaccinated passengers on international flights

Alan Joyce on Tuesday announced that Qantas would resume overseas flights to certain ports from mid-December with Japan, Singapore, the US and the UK the main destinations.

Previously, Mr Joyce stated that all cabin crew, pilots and airport workers would be required to be fully vaccinated by November 15

Now, the same rule will apply to passengers who fly on an international route with the airline.

“Qantas will have a policy that internationally we’ll only be carrying vaccinated passengers,” Mr Joyce said speaking at the Trans-Tasman Business Circle.

“Because we think that’s going to be one of the requirements to show that you’re flying safe and getting into those countries. We’re hoping that can happen by Christmas.”

Is this rule fair?


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Discrimination,  what about those people who have illnesses and allergies to unknown substances and are unable to have the vaccine.  Test for covid at airports would be more suitable as those who are vaccinated still can have COVID-19. Vaccinated people can still get covid symptoms severely. Hate Qantas airlines. 

I hope you find comfort in your hatred.

not happy Jan? make the unvaxxed  indemnify Qantas by taking out insurance to for costs arising from an infection e.g. deep clean, staff furlough, quarantine expenses for staff and passengers

Welcome to Medical apartheid/segregation in 2021. I remember how the world was up in arms about apartheid in South Africa all those years ago and not to mention segregation in the good ol' USA many years ago.  In the bible this sort of behavior was condemned (so I am guessing only non religious persons would agree to this). Well at least when someone on a flight spreads COVID they cannot blame the unvaxxed can they? Divide and conquer, that is the name of the game peoples. 



You have to remember travel of any kind to anywhere is a privilege not a right. You have the right not to be vaccinated and Qantas has the right to dictate who they will service. Unfortunately for you, you will not be able to avail yourself of their service if you do not agree to their T&Cs. There are other airlines of course - good luck finding one that does not demand the same level of vaccination.

And then of course you might like to take your cause to the International Court of Human Rights and argue that every country that limits entry to those who are vaccinated should be on trial for apartheid. Don't forget to include all the countries that also refuse entry to people unvaccinated for yellow fever and a range of other infectious diseases. 

And remember to add any and all travel insurance companies who may well refuse to cover you against COVID-19 if you are unvaccinated. Then there is the little matter of accommodation options, tour groups, executions, restaurants, cafes, bars, and a host of other travel and hospitality providers and hosts.

Good luck, I think you are going to need it.



if there are enough unvaccinated wanting to fly then another airline will step in to fill the gap in the market left by Qantas – gotta love capitalism!

yeah? well they will have to stay on the plane and wave to those vaccinated because other countries won't let them in. Their un vaxxed noses will be pressed against the windows infecting each other, hahahahaha

Why stop there!
what about coloured people, or muslims,Jewish,atheists, or people who have not had a flu vaccine 

what about political objectors,concientious objectors

where does it stop! ????


The point is it is about the unvaccinated not the colour of their skin, place of origin, religious affiliations, political allegiances, bank balance or sexual preferences or gender identity. Vaccination is egalitarian - it affects everyone equally.

There is already a precedent for travel vaccinations, COVID-19 vaccination is no different. 


Funny Farside

What about people who like bacon and eggs? What about, what about?

Thank you Qantas, I love flying with you!

Looks like we have a pandemic of what-abouts lol

It should be extended to ALL Qantas and Jetstar flights. By November 13 all Australians over the age of 12 will have had the chance to be fully vaccinated.  Perhaps add to this a quick Covid test prior to flying domestically.  (We vaccinate 95%+ of our children for childhood conditions, after all.)

It certainly is - as long as people who can't be vaccinated for medical reasons are exempted. Everyone who can be vaccinated should be.

Funny though that the number of people claiming to have exemptions from mask wearing suddenly and markedly reduced when they were told that had to carry and produce evidence of the fact. 

I predict there will be very very few genuine vaccination exemptions required (and no doubt this is being considered now) particularly with the different vaccines on offer and given being anti-vax won't be an excuse. Consider what happened when the no vax no play rules came in. All of a sudden child vaccination rates soared!

the irony is not lost on me that those who fake vax exemptions are the ones most likely to be infected by vaccinated their vaccinated co-passengers


Whether Qantas or any other flight company ban

'unvaccinated passengers on international flights'

makes little difference as it is the other countries that will not accept unvaccinated passengers.


True but airlines will be responsible for checking that passengers are vaccinated in the same way they are also responsible for making sure passengers have a visa where required. They have to fly people back of the port of embarkation should the person be refused entry to a country so it is in the airline's best interest to enforce vaccination before flying.

More countries require vaccination to be able to visit, what is the difference apart from pig-headeness?

the "what about ..." shall fall on deaf ears

I seem to remember some mention on the nightly news recently that the check-in app we are all using everywhere we go these days, will eventually be updated to record a person's vaccination status as well.   Not a bad idea.  It would take care of the inevitable 'fake' vaccination certificates that are already doing the rounds apparently.

All the people here who don't want to get Vaccinated should STOP blaming Qantas or any other Company or Country you need to get the jab if you want any life anywhere its for your own benefit and your family and loved ones.

I have no time for Stupid people.  


I agree that those who are able to be vaccinated against COVID should be required to do so.  Apart from requirements of overseas countries, it would be akin to traveling in a potential Petri dish of  COVID infection of the not vaccinated.

When traveling overseas, it is required to have a number of inoculations.  It is sensible to add COVID now.


To those people who are not able to get vaccinated for extreme health conditions, I feel sure some allowances will be made.

However, there won't be any fronting up to your local GP and twisting their arm, or getting the relative medic to speak on your the real experts will decide who qualifies or not.

No pulling of wool over the eyes!


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