Popular cruise line announces all passengers will need vaccinations

P&O Cruises has announced that it will require all passengers to have COVID-19 vaccination shots upon its return to cruising.

Speaking at Cruise Lines International Association's Cruise Forum, Carnival's local president Sture Myrmell revealed the new requirement for the company's Australian cruise programs.

He said the policy was solely a P&O Australia decision right now, but that each Carnival brand would make its own announcement in due course.

Would you be more likely to take a cruise safe in the knowledge that everyone had been vaccinated? Are you still wary of returning to cruise ships while there is COVID out in the community?


I am looking forward to cruising and I think knowing all the passengers and crew were fully vaccinated would provide peace of mind.

I agree with Froggie.

Yay it would be great if we get back to a cruise, lost count of the ones we have had.

We have met the nicest people on cruises and seen lots of the world.

They only have to worry about the filthy habits a small number of passengers have.

They are the ones we stay away from.

Much as I have enjoyed many cruises in my life I have no intention of going on any more till this vaccine is sorted out with the majority of humans living on this planet.  That goes for flying too.


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