Pollies, pundits and the media have their say

Pollies, pundits, unions and the media have thier say on the Royal Commission.

Think tank gets to thinking

Unions have a go


Media weighs in


And the politicians get on their soapbox


Well, that was awkward …


Wait !  A RC ???? OK.....the King is dead, long live the King !!  *sigh


The bloody temerity of the contributing collective of holier than thou unions with their pompuos "na, na, told you so" response(s). Shonky culture and dirty underhand deals done all along the way with Billy shortchange the members and from the dizzy height in their ivory towers they dare to point their accusing finger: well two fingers to them '\/'.


Who gives a shit about what Slimy Shorten , the unions and other corrupt lefties have to say on this 

bring on the RC and Expand the scope to include into the Union Plundering of Super funds for your personal gain and “donations”

Years of trying got us, the paying piublic, nowhere with a true Royal Commission into the BANKING industry.

Banks ask for one (albeit on their terms) and a few hours later their wish is granted.

How do they have so much clout? Is it because they earn more money than me?  Does that make them more important in Turnbull's eyes?   Why?

Or maybe its because they contribute more $$$ to keep the LNP in power, than I could ever earn in a lifetime?

Now, re: " Union Plundering of Super funds".

Industry funds are paying about TWICE the return, in percentange terms, than the retail (aka Bank Owned and run), funds.

The fees are a LOT less as well.

If that's what "Union Plundering of Super funds" does, then there should be MORE of it!

C'mon Peter (GG) sack the lot of this mob -- both sides and lets start again!


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